29 Top Australian True Crime Podcasts

I was going back over my Top 12 Australian True Crime Podcasts blog from 2022 and thinking it was time to update and extend it. However, on closer inspection I realised I actually have featured SO many great Australian true crime podcasts that I needed to create a complete list, just for them alone - so here it is! I will add to this list as I discover more great Australian true crime podcasts.

You can click on the title of any of the podcasts listed below and you will be taken to the original true crime podcast article where they were featured and you can read more about them there!

1. The Teacher’s Pet - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

2. The Teacher’s Trial - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

3. The Children in the Pictures - Hosted By Akhim Dev - LiSTNR.

4. The Devil’s Apprentice - Hosted By Anthony Dowsley - True Crime Australia.

5. Hannah’s Story - Hosted By Melissa Downes & Jess Lodge - 9Podcasts.

6. Casefile Presents: Matty - Hosted By Loren O’Keeffe - Spotify Studios.

7. Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions - Hosted By Kate McClymont & Tom Steinfort - The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.

8. Casefile Presents: The Frankston Murders - By Vikki Petraitis.

9. The Lady Vanishes - By Alison Sandy, Bryan Seymour & Sally Eeles - for 7 News.

10. Who the Hell is Hamish? - Hosted By Greg Bearup for The Australian.

11. Shandee’s Story. - Hosted By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

12. Inside The Tribe - Hosted By Tim Elliott - DM Podcasts.

13. Problem Child - An Australian True Crime Podcast.

14. A Perfect Storm: The True Story of The Chamberlains - By Seven West Media.

15. The Lighthouse: Searching for Théo Hayez - Hosted By David Murray for The Australian.

16. William Tyrell - Nowhere Child - By Caroline Overington for The Australian.

17. Lost in Larrimah - By Kylie Stevenson & Caroline Graham for The Australian.

18. Conviction: The Craig Gooze Story - A Three Ring Circus Production.

19. Who Killed Bob? - Hosted By Eve Ash & Colin McLaren - Podshape.

20. Casefile Presents: Searching for Sarah MacDiarmid - Spotify Studios.

21. The Night Driver - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

22. The Nurse - From Pendulum.

23. Fairy Meadow - Hosted By Jon Kay - BBC Radio 4.

24. Mother’s Guilt: The Kathleen Folbigg Story - Hosted By Jane Hansen - True Crime Australia.

25. My Sister’s Secrets - Hosted By Virginia Tapscott & Steve Jackson for The Australian.

26. Dying Rose - Hosted By Douglas Smith - True Crime Australia.

27. The Confession - Hosted By Richard Baker - The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.

28. The Rock Star & The Nanny - Hosted By Mary-Ann Harris for Pacific Podcast Network.

29. Shadow of Doubt - Hosted By Richard Guilliatt - The Australian.

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