8 Top New True Crime Podcasts of June & July 2023

I was on holidays at the end of May, running into the first two weeks of June so I took a break from the blog and from podcasts too (believe it or not)! I have been catching up since then and decided to combine June and July recommendations into one blog. These eight true crime podcasts are sure to keep you entertained this Summer!

1. Scamanda - Hosted By Charlie Webster - Lionsgate Sound.

First on the list this month had to be this new true crime podcast from Lionsgate Sound called Scamanda. This podcast had me hooked from the start. If like me, you enjoy “con-artist” true crime podcasts then this is the podcast for you!

Scamanda tells us the story of Amanda, a young woman, a wife and mother, who is tragically diagnosed with cancer. Amanda starts an online blog about her life and treatments and takes her readers/followers along on her cancer journey. Amanda gains a loyal following and is an inspiration to many. Followers and friends donate money to Amanda and organise fundraisers to assist with her treatment costs and her costs of living due to loss of earnings and so on. Amanda joins a church and receives almost weekly cash donations from its members. Amanda is charismatic; she is regarded as truly authentic, honest, loving and “a warrior”. But, as you will have already guessed, Amanda is a liar, a con-artist and investigative producer Nancy is not going to let her get away with her cruel deception.

The lengths Amanda goes to, to try to maintain her bogus cancer story is astonishing and Nancy bears the brunt of some of this! It is absolutely unfathomable!

There are eight episodes available now and one bonus episode, so if you have some free time coming up, perhaps a long drive or a day of travel then download all eight episodes and binge the lot!

2. Hannah’s Story - Hosted By Melissa Downes & Jess Lodge - 9Podcasts.

Referred to as “one of the most horrific acts of domestic violence Australia has even seen”, the murder of Hannah Clarke and her three young children, Aaliyah aged 6, Laianah aged 4 and Trey aged 3, by her estranged husband, the father of her children, is one of the saddest true crime stories I have ever listened to. Hannah’s Story is a heart breaking account of the events leading up to the 19th of February 2020, the day Hannah and her children were murdered and everything that happened afterwards.

We hear directly from Hannah’s loving parents, Sue and Lloyd Clarke and brother Nathaniel Clarke, as well as from a host of other family members and close friends. Through these accounts, a clear picture of Hannah’s life before her murder is conveyed. We also hear lots of stories about Hannah’s three children, their individual character traits are highlighted and how much they were loved and cherished is obvious.

Hannah’s parents have established the charity Small Steps 4 Hannah to “to raise awareness and educate children and young people to identify coercive control behaviours and H.A.L.T. the cycle of Domestic and Family Violence.”. Through this charity they have given Hannah a voice, provided a way to help others, change laws, educate and start conversations; this is Hannah’s legacy.

I decided not to name Hannah’s estranged husband here, the person responsible for these horrendous crimes and not to discuss the crime itself, all of this information is in the podcast. I wanted to keep my words about Hannah, her children and her loving family.

All six episodes are available now. Prepare to be an emotional wreck after listening.

3. The Garden of Eden - Podshape.

This eight-part series is another true crime podcast that will have you fighting back tears. The Garden of Eden tells the tragic story of 15 year old Eden Westbrook, a much loved and adored daughter, sister and friend to many, who was found hanging from a tree on the main street of the local seaside village, St. Helens in Tasmania, that she called home. Eden’s heartbroken parents and siblings strongly believe that Eden did not take her own life. This podcast is one of the many ways that Eden’s family have (and are actively) trying to uncover the truth surrounding Eden’s death; surely they deserve to know that at least.

This podcast will leave you wanting to scream and pull your hair out; so many mistakes were made from the start! There is the botched police investigation, the appalling behaviour of some of the local community before and after Eden’s death, lost CCTV footage and the inadequate coroners report to name but a few. It is shocking and disturbing.

A well known Sydney based barrister and law expert, with over 35 years of experience, Peter Lavac has spent the last two years working with Eden’s family (pro-bono) to try to solve the mystery that surrounds Eden’s death. Peter Lavac is a key contributor to this podcast and his voice brings clarity and authority to all the legal aspects; he is a wealth of knowledge and his experience is invaluable.

I am glued to this podcast, hoping for justice and answers for Eden and her family, many of whom we hear from throughout this podcast. There are four episodes available so far.

4. The Boy in the Water - Hosted By Melanie Reid - newsroom.co.nz

In my blog Top 8 New True Crime Podcasts of May 2023 I included the GUILT: What Happened to Lachie? podcast by Ryan Wolf. While Wolf intended on doing a full investigation into Lachie’s death for this his third season, soon after he began working on it he discovered that a well known and highly respected investigative journalist Melanie Reid had beaten him to it. Wolf’s podcast was a great introduction to this case, he covered a lot in his five episodes but Reid’s investigation is going to dive a lot deeper and it has been hinted that she has even uncovered some new pertinent information. Wolf even has a bonus episode in which he interviews Melanie Reid which is super interesting!

OK, so back to this podcast. Gore is a small town in the South of the South Island of New Zealand and it is where the tragic death of three year old Lachlan Jones took place in January 2019. Lachlan was found face up in one of the towns oxidation ponds. While Police viewed Lachlan’s death as an accidental drowning (by misadventure), Lachlan’s father (and many others) have always believed that Lachlan could not have made his way to the oxidation pond by himself and they remain convinced that something happened to Lachlan and that his body was subsequently dumped in the pond to cover up his death.

In this eight-part series Reid conducts interviews with Lachlan’s heart-broken father Paul Jones, other family members and close friends. To complete this in-depth investigative podcast the team have:

“… analysed hundreds of pages of statements and other documents, conducting hours of interviews with Paul Jones and other key locals, as well as forensics experts, international and local investigators, local council members and former police officers, all of whom have cast further doubt on the police investigation and Lachie’s cause of death.” (Source here).

The first three episodes are available now and I am really hoping that Paul Jones finally learns the truth about what really happened to his son Lachlan.

5. Married to Death from My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty - CBC News.

This new six-part true crime series begins with a panicked call to 911. The person behind this frantic 911 call is Raynella Leath and this podcast tells her story. On March 13, 2003 Raynella discovered her husband David Leath, 57 years old, dead in bed. Raynella believes his death was via suicide. However, within 24 hours David Leath’s death is ruled a homicide by Police and a murder investigation begins. Raynella is their number one suspect. This true crime podcast takes us through the events leading up to David’s death and the days and years following, with Raynella at the centre of the story throughout.

There are three episodes available so far and at this point I am torn, not knowing who to believe and so I wait for the rest of the episodes to be released!

6. Freeway Phantom - Hosted By Celeste Headlee - iHeartPodcasts & Tenderfoot TV.

This true crime investigative podcast looks at the so-called “Freeway Phantom”, a killer who murdered six black females from 1971 to 1972 and discarded their bodies along the side of various Washington D.C. freeways. The killer was labelled a “Phantom” as they were never found.

In this podcast, host Headlee:

“… examines old case files and interviews the investigators and family members who are still haunted by these killings. Headlee will ask the questions: Why didn’t these murders make the news headlines? Did law enforcement do enough to solve these crimes? And how do racial disparities impact these types of investigations, past and present?.” (Source here).

Fifty years later, will newly discovered evidence help to finally solve this cold case? There are eight episodes available now, a great one to download and binge.

7. Sacred Scandal: La Luz del Mundo (Season 2) - Hosted By Roberta Garza - Exile Content Studio, My Cultura & iHeartPodcasts.

I loved season one of Sacred Scandal which I featured in my Best New True Crime of January 2022 so I was delighted to see a new season with a new focus has finally arrived!

In Sacred Scandal: La Luz del Mundo host Roberta Garza is delving into the Mexico-based megachurch “La Luz del Mundo” (Light of the World) that has a self-proclaimed apostle (a staple of any cultish religion!!) named Naasón Joaquín García as its leader.

Surprise, surprise! … (spoiler alert!) Naasón is currently serving a nearly 17-year prison sentence after pleading guilty (in June 2022) to sexually abusing minors from his congregation. His abuse spans years and the control he had over his followers was absolute. Past followers or devotees now:

“… describe their experiences in the church as “pure evil”.” (Source here).

It is a podcast about:

“… manipulation, murder, and the longing to belong.” (Source here).

There are six episodes available so far and they are jam packed with information including interviews with past congregation members and a whole lot more!

8. Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult - Hosted By Kurt Kubicek - Hell & Gone.

This is a ten-part narrative true crime series about cult leader Cecilia Steyn and the devotees of her cult “Electus Per Deus” (Chosen by God) who murdered eleven people over a four year period from 2012 to 2016, in Krugersdorp, South Africa. Steyn’s reputation earned her the title of “the Charles Manson of South Africa.”.

Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult takes you right back to the beginning; how did Cecilia Steyn become the leader of this cult? - this is a tale you do not want to miss! The story continues from there and we see how Steyn’s actions, power and control escalated to new levels, leading quite literally to death and destruction.

“Kubicek peels back this twisted story to reveal exploitation of belief systems, leveraging the occult as a scapegoat for murder, and how repeated abuse and fear can push seemingly normal people to unspeakable violence.” (Source here).

With six episodes available already, this is another great option if you need a podcast to binge right now!

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