12 Australian True Crime Podcast Series Worth Listening To!

I have listened to a lot of Australian true crime podcast series, it was an Australian true crime podcast series that made me fall in love with podcasts to begin with! These are my top Australian true crime podcasts up to 2022.

If you want to check out my extended Australian true crime podcast blog The Best Australian True Crime Podcasts of All Time - 29 Top True Crime Podcasts which I published late in 2023, then please do! I will be adding to this blog going forward as I discover more great Australian true crime podcasts.

1. The Teacher’s Pet & The Teacher’s Trial - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

Well, this was the first true crime podcast I ever listened to and its no wonder I was hooked from the start - one of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened to and their follow up podcast The Teacher’s Trial is equally as engrossing. I wrote all about The Teacher’s Pet podcast in My Top Eight Podcasts For Long Travel Days.

2. Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions - Hosted By Kate McClymont & Tom Steinfort - The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.

A relatively new true crime podcast series released in 2022, the story of con-artist Melissa Caddick is not to be missed! The latest information on this case can be found here and for more information on this podcast check out my blog Top 10 New June 2022 True Crime Podcasts.

3. The Lady Vanishes - By Alison Sandy, Bryan Seymour & Sally Eeles - for 7 News.

This true crime podcast featured on the blog back in 2019 but it is very much back in the spotlight right now as the coronial inquest has finally taken place at the Byron Bay Courthouse. The findings of the inquest are expected on November 30th 2022. So, if you did not know that new episodes of this podcast are available you still have time to catch up before the coroner makes her statement.

A full description of this true crime podcast can be found in my blog New Podcasts that I am Loving.

4. Who the Hell is Hamish? - Hosted By Greg Bearup for The Australian.

Number four on this list is another fantastic con-artist true crime podcast from 2019. Who the Hell is Hamish? investigates how a man by the name of Hamish Watson managed to convince many people to date him, love him, marry him, trust in him and give him their hard earned cash in the millions, realising too late that he was really just a gifted serial conman:

“In June 2019, NSW District Court Acting Judge Colin Charteris sentenced McLaren to 16 years behind bars with a non-parole period of 12 years for his “outrageous” criminal conduct. He would have been eligible for parole in July 2029.” (Source here).

For more information check out Four Great Podcasts I have discovered so far in 2019.

5. Shandee’s Story - Hosted By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

Another top notch true crime podcast from Hedley Thomas for The Australian. Shandee’s Story is a heart breaking podcast about the murder of 23 year old Shandee Blackburn in 2013. This is very much an on-going investigation as huge issues with DNA testing in Queensland Australia, where the murder took place, were highlighted by Dr Kirsty Wright in the course of making this podcast. These issues are now the subject of a public inquiry led by one of Queensland’s most respected legal figures with the aim of uncovering the true extent of the DNA laboratory issues and thus restoring public faith in the criminal justice system.

Read more about this true crime podcast in The Best True Crime Podcasts of January 2022.

6. Inside The Tribe - Hosted By Tim Elliott - DM Podcasts.

This nine-part true crime cult themed podcast is absolutely addictive! We are introduced to the lovely Mark and Rose in episode one and what follows is a detailed account of their lives and experiences as members of the cult The Twelve Tribes, in its Australian branch. Mark and Rose spent 15 years with this extraordinary cult so there is a lot to discuss!

You can read more about this true crime podcast in Top 10 New True Crime Podcasts of December 2022.

7. Problem Child - An Australian True Crime Podcast.

Keli Lane was already a well known name in Australia due to her successful career as an Australian water polo player. However, in 1996 her name became known world wide for all the wrong reasons, namely the murder of her newborn daughter Tegan. Lane was later charged with and found guilty of the murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

I wrote about this podcast in my blog The Forgotten Podcasts.

8. A Perfect Storm: The True Story of The Chamberlains - By Seven West Media.

Lindy and Michael Chamberlain lived through any parents worst nightmare when a family camping trip ended in tragedy; the death of their two month old baby girl Azaria. However, this was only the beginning of what became a years long horror for the Chamberlains when Lindy was accused of murdering their little girl. Lindy’s version of events, that a dingo had stolen and killed her sleeping baby was not believed. A harrowing story of loss, blame and persecution of an innocent woman grieving the loss of her baby.

My 2020 Podcast Update blog has more information on this true crime podcast.

9. The Lighthouse: Searching for Théo Hayez - Hosted By David Murray for The Australian.

Belgian Théo Hayez was only 18 years old when he vanished on a night out in the Byron Bay area of NSW Australia on May 31st 2019. Théo had been enjoying a back packing trip around Australia and was approaching the end of his travels when he disappeared. Earlier this year, in May 2022, his family and friends announced their renewed hope that they would find answers and reinforced their belief that Théo was not alone on the night he disappeared and that someone knows what happened to him. For the most up to date information see here.

This true crime podcast featured in my blog The Forgotten Podcasts.

10. William Tyrell - Nowhere Child - By Caroline Overington for The Australian.

William Tyrrell was only three years old when he disappeared from the village of Kendall, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia on September 12th 2014. I included this true crime podcast in my blog The Forgotten Podcasts back in 2020. Since then a lot has happened with regards to William’s case. Australian Police have revealed that William’s foster mother at the time of his disappearance has been: “… identified as the lone person of interest in the toddler’s 2014 disappearance.” (Source here). Following on from this, a major search for William’s remains took place in bushland close to where he was last seen playing in his spiderman costume. In June 2022 Police alleged that William’s foster parents assaulted a foster child in their care, read more about this here.

11. Lost in Larrimah - By Kylie Stevenson & Caroline Graham for The Australian.

Another true crime podcast that featured in my Forgotten Podcasts blog back in April 2020. Lost in Larrimah looks into the 2017 disappearance of 70 year old Paddy Moriarty and his dog Kellie from the small outback town of Larrimah (a town that only has 12 residents) in Australia. In April 2022 three new bonus episodes of this podcast were aired as the coronial inquest into Paddy’s disappearance finally released its findings (four years after Paddy went missing). A sad and baffling story with an Irish connection.

12. The Night Driver - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

Hedley Thomas and The Australian strike again! The Night Driver true crime podcast series investigates the 2001 disappearance of 31 year old Janine Vaughan from Bathurst NSW, Australia. In 2009 a coronial inquest found that Janine was murdered but the circumstances remain unknown. Read more about this podcast in my blog The Best New Podcasts to Listen to right now August 2020.

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