Top 9 August 2022 True Crime Podcasts:

Let’s not waste any time here - I have nine excellent new true crime podcasts for you once again this month!

1. Chameleon: Scam Likely (Season 4) - Hosted By Yudhijit Bhattacharjee - Campside Media.

If you have read my true crime podcast blogs for a while then you will already know that I am a massive fan of the Chameleon podcasts and season 4 was released today! I am also a massive con artist true crime fan and this podcast ticks all the boxes there too.

This time the team behind the podcast are investigating scam callers. I think this story/scam will resonate with everyone as scam callers seem to be the hardest working people on the planet right now, calling people daily, sometimes multiples times a day and no one escapes their nuisance calls.

Chameleon: Scam Likely starts when:

“… a small team of government investigators learns that ordinary citizens all around the U.S. are losing their life savings to scam callers, they go on the hunt for the shadowy multinational mob behind the con, unraveling their plot from strip malls in suburban Texas to office towers in one of India’s largest cities.” (Source here).

The first two episodes were only released this morning and I am already looking forward to episode three - this is one hell of a con story that will have you hooked!

2. Who Killed Daphne? - Hosted By Stephen Grey for Wondery.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was “Malta’s most prominent journalist” and it was her job, the stories she wrote and the truths she uncovered which ultimately led to her murder. In 2017 Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed by a car bomb close to her home in Malta. Following her untimely death, her son Matthew begins:

“… a race against time to discover the secrets she knew about the island’s unscrupulous elite.” (Source here).

In Who Killed Daphne? we join Matthew and presenter Stephen Grey and the many other journalists who joined together, after Daphne’s murder, to carry on her work and find those responsible for her murder.

“In the aftermath of her death an international team of journalists comes together to continue her work. Along the way they start to uncover clues that might lead to her killers.” (Source here).

This true crime Wondery podcast is really well put together and presented. Each episode is gripping as the story and all its many layers are uncoiled and revealed.

The first five episodes are available now.

3. The Kill List - Hosted By Mary Lynk - CBC Podcasts.

The Kill List is a captivating new six-part true crime series from CBC Podcasts. In this podcast, host Mary Lynk explores:

“… the rampant abductions and killings of dissidents in Pakistan, the dangers that follow those who flee to the West, and a terrifying intelligence agency with tentacles around the globe.” (Source here).

The podcast begins as:

“… human rights activist Karima Baloch is found drowned off the shores of Toronto, an investigation into her mysterious death leads all the way back to Pakistan, the country she had recently fled.” (Source here).

And so the questioning and investigating begins:

“How did Karima die? And would Pakistan really carry out an assassination far beyond its borders? This is a story that a powerful state doesn’t want you to know.” (Source here).

There are four episodes available currently.

4. Father Wants Us Dead - Hosted By Hosts Rebecca Everett & Jessica Remo -

OK, so I am bit behind recommending this podcast as the first episode was actually released in May 2022 but once I found this true crime podcast I could not stop listening! All nine episodes were quickly binged, it is so good, I just had to include it on this months list.

In Father Wants Us Dead we hear about the 1971 murder of a family by the husband/father of the family, a man named John List:

“In 1971, a mild-mannered accountant and Sunday school teacher from New Jersey meticulously murdered his wife, mother and three children. John List left behind a letter explaining his horrific deeds and disappeared to start a new life.” (Source here).

The hosts of this podcast take us through the time leading up the murders, the murders and the aftermath. New details about the List family are uncovered as the hosts speak to their family and friends.

The hosts take you along on:

“… the unbelievable 18-year quest to bring this father to justice.” (Source here).

I definitely advise clearing some hours in your day before you start listening as once you do, you won’t be able to stop.

5. The Commune: Sex, Drugs - And A Guru Called Bert - Hosted By - Stuff.

You know how much I love a good cult story/podcast and this months pick is The Commune and it is a cracker! As this podcast was first aired in June, all TWELVE episodes are available now!

This true crime cult documentary series takes us to 1970 in Albany, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. I know what you are thinking and yes you are right, lots of great kiwi accents for you to enjoy!

“A free-love commune called Centrepoint springs up in the suburbs of 1970s New Zealand, devoted in equal measure to sex, group therapy, and its guru Bert Potter. What could possibly go wrong?.” (Source here).

Centrepoint quickly became notorious in the area for mostly wrong reasons and we soon learn exactly why… one of these reasons was:

“Locals are fascinated by the sights and sounds of the sex commune next door.” (Source here).

I absolutely devoured this podcast. I particularly valued hearing from the many people who were directly involved in Centrepoint, some even helped to establish it, while others lived there as adults. We even hear from some of the children who lived there and their memories of the cult and their lives growing up as members of Centrepoint.

Get downloading and get listening - you won’t be disappointed.

6. Crooked City: Youngstown, OH - Hosted By Marc Smerling -

This brand new true crime podcast is from Marc Smerling who is also the creator of the super popular true crime Crimetown podcast. There are only three episodes of Crooked City: Youngstown, OH available so far but I am already hooked.

This podcast tells the story of Youngstown Ohio, the criminals that operated there and the people in positions of power who were the biggest crooks of them all:

“It was a mob town. Illegal gambling was so lucrative that a mob war raged for decades, and bodies piled up. Then, Jim Traficant ran for sheriff, riding into office as the city’s steel industry fell on hard times. Traficant battles the local newspaper, then the FBI, the IRS and finally his own demons as an eight-term, twice-indicted congressman.” (Source here).

Bring on episode four!

7. Media Circus with Kim Goldman - Kast Media.

Fans of the podcast Confronting O.J. Simpson with Kim Goldman should listen to Kim Goldman’s brand new podcast Media Circus with Kim Goldman.

The podcast:

“… takes an inside look at private tragedy in the public eye, and explores how the media got it right, got it wrong, and got in the way.” (Source here).

In each episode Kim presents us with:

“… a fresh, behind-the-scenes look into high profile crimes you think you know, told by the victims and their families who were thrust into the spotlight at their most vulnerable moments.” (Source here).

Four episodes are available now.

8. Conviction: The Craig Gooze Story - A Three Ring Circus Production.

The Conviction: The Craig Gooze Story true crime podcast was released in May 2022. In this podcast we hear from Craig Gooze, a policeman who takes us inside his work life, tracking and arresting criminals and all that it entails. On the flip side, we also learn all about Craig’s personal life, his wife and three children and a serious life changing event that is taking place within his family as he tries to continue with his very demanding Police work.

“This is the story of Sydney’s criminal underworld just before the turn of the century. Mobile phones are the size of bricks, the internet was primitive and social media did not exist. The methods Craig and his team used to investigate could be described as “old school”. Hand’s on investigating resulting in dangerous and sometime amusing close encounters.” (Source here).

Through Craig, we get a rare insight into:

“… the antics of the North Shore Rapist, Graham James Kay.” (Source here).

This podcast is along the lines of the excellent Irish true crime podcast The Making of a Detective so if you liked that podcast be sure to check out this one. As aforementioned, this podcast aired in May so all eight episodes of season one are now available.

9. Dateline: Missing In America - Hosted By Joshua Mankiewicz & Andrea Cunning - NBC News.

This brand new podcast from Dateline focuses on (as the title suggests) missing persons in America. In each episode the hosts speaks to the family and friends of a missing person. The family and friends tell the story of that missing person in the hope of receiving new leads.

There are two episodes available now.

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