My March 2021 Podcast Picks!

With Covid-19 still preventing any sort of a social life, my lust for Podcasts has not waned! Here are eight (almost all true crime) Podcasts that I have enjoyed in the last month, since I released my Top 12 Podcasts Picks for February 2021 blog article. I hope these will keep you entertained in March 2021.

1. Unravel True Crime: Snowball - Hosted & investigated By Ollie Ward for ABC Podcasts.

This Podcast had me hooked from the trailer, I love the New Zealand accent and as this story has a New Zealand family at its centre, you can expect kiwi voices throughout! If you liked the Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen Podcast and/or The Missing Cryptoqueen and/or the Fake Heiress Podcast then this Podcast is along the same lines.

In this seven part Podcast series Unravel True Crime: Snowball:

“Kiwi-born Ollie Wards chronicles how his brother’s whirlwind romance with a charismatic Californian con woman ultimately cost his family more than a million dollars.” (Source here).

The series follows Ollie from:

“… sleepy suburban New Zealand on an international investigation spanning Hawaii, the UK and the US. The world of Lezlie Manukian is full of wild dreams, a lavish lifestyle, big loves and broken promises in exotic locations — a hall of mirrors, equal parts fantasy and real.” (Source here).

It quickly becomes apparent that Ollie’s family was just one of many victims of the “con queen” Lezlie Manukian. A really great true crime Podcast that will certainly keep you tuned in to the end. Ollie’s dad was the star of the show for me, I would love to meet him, he just comes across as a real character, a lovely man and someone who would be great craic. His “obsession” with Dr. Phil was so funny - guaranteed to make you laugh.

2. Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer - Hosted By Alexis Linkletter & Billy Jensen for Discovery+.

The first episode of this Podcast was released at the end of January 2021 and new episodes are released weekly. In this Podcast:

“… co-hosts Alexis Linkletter and Billy Jensen reinvestigate the murders from a decade ago to expose the untold story of why the case remains unsolved.” (Source here).

This is a tragic story of the brutal murder of eleven women in the Long Island area of the USA, extreme police corruption and multiple cover ups from the beginning.

3. Bed of Lies - By Cara Mc Googan for The Telegraph.

The Bed of Lies Podcast is a true crime Podcast hosted by Cara Mc Googan, it was released in November 2020. To begin, Cara introduces us to four women, Rosa, Lisa, Alison and Lindsey (these are not their real names). Through interviews with each of the women, we learn that they all have a similar story to tell. All four women were:

“… involved with activist communities between 1990 and 2010. They were variously involved in struggles for animal rights, environmental activism or anti-racist and anti-police brutality groups.” (Source here).

Moreover, all four women have each met men through these groups, with whom they have subsequently fallen in love with, built lives with and in one case, one of the four women even had two children with her partner:

“They thought they had found their soulmates – but they were all in love with a lie.”(Source here).

What happens next? Well, one day their partner simply “vanishes” and/or unexpectedly breaks up with them and leaves. All four women felt something was not right, something was being kept from them and so each woman begins to search, to investigate and until each woman finally uncovers the shocking truth, all four men were “spycops” and their lives with each of the women was simply their “job”. They all had “real” lives elsewhere, they were married and some had children too. It is mind blowing!

“They have the perfect relationship, until one day he vanishes. Her hunt leads to other women just like her - and a web of state-spun lies.” (Source here).

I really enjoyed this Podcast, it is well put together and very engrossing.

4. The Rock Star & The Nanny - Hosted By Mary-Ann Harris for Pacific Podcast Network.

This is another true crime Podcast, this time we are in Australia, in Coolah in New South Wales to be exact. A young woman, named Penny Hill is found brutally murdered in this quiet town and no one has been charged with her murder:

“In 1991, Penny Hill was found brutally bashed on the side of a road in Coolah, NSW. She had just landed a dream job as a nanny for Col Baigent – a former drummer with Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs - and his wife Barbara. Three days after starting work, Penny was left for dead in a ditch.” (Source here).

Host Mary-Ann Harris is a great interviewer and this Podcast shines a light on this cold case and even informs us (the listener) about new evidence that has been uncovered.

5. Catching Melanie’s Killer - Hosted By Robert Murphy For ITV News.

Robert Murphy from ITV News brings us this true crime Podcast. The Podcast looks into the violent murder of 17 year old Melanie Road in Bath (UK) in 1984.

“Melanie Road was found stabbed in the city in 1984. What followed was an investigation which touched the hearts of many and consumed the lives of the detectives who worked on it. But it would not be until 32 years later that Melanie’s murder would be solved and her family would finally get the answers they craved.” (Source here).

The Podcast Catching Melanie’s Killer explores:

“… the inside story of how detectives brought her killer to justice. It describes the wrong-turns, the false leads and fading hopes of a group of detectives who were told by a chief constable to drop the case.” (Source here).

There are eight episodes filled with interviews, facts and theories. It can be sad listening at times, especially hearing from Melanie’s family members. However when all the hard work pays off and Melanie’s killer is caught and prosecuted there are definite feelings of relief and justice.

6. Welcome to Your Fantasy - Hosted By Natalia Petrzela for Pineapple Street Studios & GIMBLET.

If you have listened to the Death Of A Starlet Podcast then I think this is a great follow up Podcast. You might remember that Paul Snider, who murdered Dorothy Stratten, was involved with the formation of a male dance show - it was this idea that then evolved into the formation of the Chippendales. In this Podcast, Welcome to Your Fantasy we hear more about Paul’s role and how the idea quickly became a massive success, after he was pushed out of the business!

“In the 1980s the “male exotic dancers” of Chippendales were everywhere: On beefcake calendars and daytime TV. Gyrating on stages across the world in their signature cuffs, collars and spandex pants. Selling the promise of women’s liberation for the price of a few dollars in a g-string. But behind the powerful mullets, oiled pecs, and non-stop parties lies a much darker story.” (Source here).

More about this Podcast:

“This is the story of how two men — an immigrant from India and a children’s TV producer from New Jersey—transformed a seedy nightclub in Los Angeles into a global phenomenon, and how paranoia and greed turned Chippendales into a hotbed for drugs, corruption, and murder.” (Source here).

The episodes are packed full of interviews with a wide range of people who were involved in the Chippendales, some from the very beginning. There are some crazy stories, guaranteed to keep you listening!

7. Even The Rich: The Kardashians - Hosted By Brooke Siffrinn & Aricia Skidmore-Williams for Wondery.

Another great series from my favourite Podcast duo Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams, this time the focus is all things Kardashian!

“Once upon a time, no one had ever heard the name Kim Kardashian. But in the 15 years since the Kardashians have been on the scene, they’ve changed the nature of celebrity as we know it. How did the Kardashians turn 15 minutes of fame into 15 years and counting? This season we’re bringing you the story of a family who realized their greatest asset was themselves.” (Source here).

I had forgotten a lot of the background information regarding where the Kardashian’s came from and all the dramas that were involved. I have not watched their show for many years but with social media now there is no need to, they are everywhere! I am enjoying this Podcast, easy light-hearted listening and as usual Brooke and Aricia make me laugh out loud every episode.

8. Mommy Doomsday - Hosted By Kieth Morrison for Dateline NBC.

I am a long time listener of the Dateline by NBC Podcast so I was already familiar with the true crime story that is at the centre of the Mommy Doomsday Podcasts. Lori Vallow is the focus of this true crime story. Lori was:

“… a wife, mother, and beauty pageant contestant. Then people around her started dying.” (Source here).

Then two of Lori’s children disappear in Rexburg, Idaho in September 2019. Their disappearance would expose:

“… a bizarre trail of death, devotion and Doomsday beliefs that captivated the nation.” (Source here).

Another crazy story hosted by the excellent Keith Morrison.

So there we have it, eight Podcasts for you to get stuck into for the month of March 2021. If you need more Podcasts to keep you entertained while living a lock-down life then please check out My Complete Top Podcast List.

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