Four Great Podcasts

I always listen to podcasts when I am travelling and also in my daily life in general. So, I am always searching for new podcasts as I like to listen when I am running/exercising, when cooking or when walking to and from the grocery store. As these activities are all part of my daily routine, you can see how I go through podcasts so quickly!

Here are the latest podcasts I have stumbled upon, some have been out a while but some are brand new in 2019.

Note: I listen to all my podcasts on Spotify but they are also available on other major podcast providers.

1. A Glass With… - By Olly Smith (Presenter) and Richard Hemming (Producer).

I can’t believe I only found this podcast recently seeing as Olly not only interviews well known celebrities but he does so over a glass of wine! Those who know me know I love wine and love to mix it with my love for travel by trying new wines wherever we go and so this podcast is really interesting to me. I loved his episode with Pink as I am a big fan of her music.

You can also visit their website and read more about each episode of the podcast and find information on the wines they drink and discuss and more!

2. Is it just me…? - Hosted By Jo Elvin & James Williams.

In every episode Jo and James are joined by a famous celebrity guest, first for a chat and then they get onto discussing some “Is it just me…” questions/topics. So, you get to hear their opinions and their guests opinions on a variety of subjects, as well as the opinions of listeners to the show who have emailed in.

I like the easy relaxed chatty manner of this podcast. It is also a great podcast for when you have limited time as all of the episodes are only approximately 40 minutes long.

3. Who the Hell is Hamish? - Hosted By Greg Bearup for The Australian.

If you have read my other podcast article My Top Eight Podcasts for Long Travel Days you will know I am a huge fan of another podcast from The Australian, “The Teacher’s Pet” with Hedley Thomas.

Who the Hell is Hamish? is a intriguing true crime series investigating how Hamish Watson managed to convince many people to date him, love him, marry him, trust in him and give him their hard earned cash in the millions, realising too late that he was really just a gifted serial conman!

Read more about this podcast here!

4. Over My Dead Body - Hosted By Matthew Shaer for Wondery.

Over My Dead Body: “Dan and Wendi are two good-looking attorneys whose wedding is featured in the New York Times. But when this “perfect” couple falls apart, it leads to a bad breakup, a worse divorce, and a murder case involving a menagerie of high-priced lawyers and unexpected co-conspirators”.

If you liked the “Dirty John” and “Doctor Death” podcast series also by Wondery (and featured in My Top Eight Podcasts for Long Travel Days article) you will love this podcast too. Like those, I find myself waiting for the latest episode, dying to hear the next instalment!

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