Top 12 Con Artist Podcasts

A con artist is: “a person who deceives other people by making them believe something false or making them give money away.” Cambridge Dictionary. While I am fully aware that there is nothing funny or entertaining when you are the victim of a con artist, I do find Podcasts on this subject captivating. From falling in love with the con artist to investing your money in what you believe to be a legitimate company - these are my 12 Top Con Artist Podcasts. You can click on the name of the Podcast to read more about it!

1. Sympathy Pains - Hosted By Laura Beil - iHeartPodcasts.

2. Who the Hell is Hamish? - By Greg Bearup (Presenter) for The Australian.

3. The Missing Cryptoqueen - By Jamie Bartlett for the BBC.

4. Smoke Screen: Fake Priest - By Alex Schuman for Neon Hum Media.

5. Dirty John - By Christopher Goffard for Wondery.

6. Do You Know Mordechai? - Hosted By Kathleen Goldhar for UCP Audio.

7. Fake Heiress - Presented By Vicky Baker & Chloe Moss for BBC Radio 4.

8. Klooghless - Hosted By Sarah Ferris - Evergreen Podcasts & CONmunity Podcast.

9. Fake Psychic - Hosted By Vicky Baker - BBC Radio 4.

10. Queen of the Con: The Irish Heiress - Hosted By Johnathan Walton for AYR Media & iHeartRadio

11. Liar, Liar: Melissa Caddick and the Missing Millions - Hosted By Kate McClymont & Tom Steinfort - The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.

12. American Scandal: Bernie Madoff - Hosted By Lindsay Graham for Wondery.

So these are my Top 12, it was hard to narrow them down! If you are looking for more Podcast recommendations check out my podcast area on noroadlongenough.

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