Five Awesome August Podcasts:

July was a great month for new Podcasts! I don’t like to recommended a new Podcasts until I have listened to a number of episodes and/or finished the series and enjoyed it. For this reason, I am always a month “behind” on my recommendations. New Podcasts that are released in July for example, I will listen to and then recommend (if they are good) in my August list. Sometimes they are not newly released Podcasts, but just new to me Podcasts! I hope you enjoy this months selection.

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1. Our Darkest Day - Ashleigh Stewart For Rising Giants Network.

This is a Podcast all about the Christchurch mosque attacks that took place in March 2019:

“The Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15, 2019 were the country’s worst peacetime mass shooting ever. 51 people were killed and 40 people were injured as they prayed. In the months that followed, survivors and victim’s families faced a hard road. Many still struggle from their injuries even now….. Families still find it hard cope with the loss of their loved ones under such horrific circumstances. Uncomfortable questions about white supremacy and racism plagued New Zealand. Two years later, the scars remain. Peace was not granted to many until only recently.” (Source here).

As you would expect, some of the content of this Podcast is distressing and emotional as we hear from those who were present in the mosques during the attacks and also from the family members of those who lost their loved ones on that day:

“This is the story of that day, and the aftermath, told in the words of the victims and their families. They want the world to remember the people who lost their lives, rather than the man who took them.” (Source here).

I think this Podcast is really well presented and even though the stories told are sad they are also simultaneously heart warming as we learn all about the wonderful people who were tragically killed but will never be forgotten.

2. One Click - Narrated by Elle Fanning & Jessica Wapner for C13Originals & Vespucci.

This documentary Podcast had me hooked from the very beginning, it is so good and so interesting! The first episode aired in May 2021 and all seven episodes are now available. If season two is as good as this first season it is one to watch out for.

The One Click Podcast explores:

“… how a single click on the internet can change your life forever.” (Source here).

As mentioned, this is the first season of this Podcast and this season:

“… tells the story of DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol), an explosive chemical originally used in WWI-era munitions factories that is now being sold on the internet as a diet pill leaving hundreds dead in its wake. This is a story about the risks of buying unknown substances on the internet – where the spread of information transcends borders – and how toxic beauty standards and body image issues have fueled a demand for a pill that can kill you.” (Source here).

Actress Elle Fanning and journalist Jessica Wapner make a great partnership in this Podcast and try to get to the root of the question:

“Why, despite the perils, have so many turned to DNP and what does it say about the health of our society?” (Source here).

I hope you like this Podcast as much as I did.

3. The Witness: In His Own Words - By Joseph O’Callaghan for Yellow Path Productions.

This Podcast was recommended to me by my sister and I got nothing else done for the day once I started listening to it - you have been warned, it is impossible to stop listening!

First aired in May 2021, The Witness: In His Own Words is a ten part documentary Podcast series in which Joseph O’Callaghan tells his extraordinary true story of how he was responsible for the conviction of two “gangster” men for murder in Ireland (and how he got to be involved with them in the first place). Due to his testimony he became known as “the rat” and thus the youngest ever person to enter the Witness Protection Programme in Ireland:

“In 2005, Joseph O’Callaghan’s testimony helped convict two drug-dealing gangsters for murder, and he became the youngest person ever to enter the Witness Protection Programme in Ireland. Now, as the men he put away agitate for release, he tells his extraordinary life story in his own words for the first time.” (Source here).

Joseph tells his horrific story in an exceptional manner, he is so articulate and composed, he is inspirational.

4. Brydon & - By Rob Brydon for Spotify Studios.

The TV show Gavin & Stacey was, I think, where I first got to know Rob Brydon through his character Uncle Bryn. Of course he is known for a lot more than this role, both before and after but I always enjoy his work when I do see it. I also love his Welsh accent! This month I discovered that he has a Podcast since April 2021 so I was straight onto Spotify to download some episodes.

In each episode, Rob interviews:

“… some of the biggest names in showbiz as he embarks into the podcast world for the first time. Being joined by a mixture of old friends and colleagues, as well as some extra special guests…” (Source here).

There are still a lot of episodes for me to get through (yippee) but out of those I have listened to, I have really enjoyed his interviews with Will Ferrell, Ruth Jones, Jimmy Carr and David Walliams. Light hearted chats with plenty of laughs and banter.

5. Do You Know Mordechai? - Hosted By Kathleen Goldhar for UCP Audio.

Fans of Who the Hell is Hamish? should check out this new Podcast from UCP Audio. As you might have guessed from the title, Do You Know Mordechai? is a true crime Podcast with a “perfect” man at the centre… more like the perfect conman who goes by the name of Mordechai Horowitz:

“Mordechai Horowitz seemed perfect. Smart. Rich. Creative. But like so many things that seem to be perfect - it was too good to be true.” (Source here).

Needless to say when Kathleen Goldhar’s (the host of this Podcast) friend Arya meets a new man after a bad divorce she is thrilled for her but of course all is not as it seems and soon Arya realises Mordechai is not who he claims to be and she is not the only woman in Mordechai’s life. Arya is in fact one in a long line of his “victims” and we get to hear all about it in this Podcast. In one episode we even get to hear from Mordechai (real name Marc) directly.

A great Podcast that will have you hooked from the first episode!

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