My July 2021 Podcast Picks

These are the Podcasts that kept me entertained in June 2021 and with new episodes of some still being released weekly, my July listening is taken care of too!

1. Final Days On Earth with Claire St.Amant - PodcastOne.

This is a twelve part true crime Podcast that investigates the 2014 disappearance and death of college student Dammion Heard. Dammion attended Western Colorado University and was a well liked member of the University’s wrestling team. On the night of his disappearance Dammion attended an off-campus party and vanished in the early hours of the morning. His body was found four days later:

“After a 6-month investigation, Gunnison Police ruled Dammion’s death a suicide. The facts of the case – including that Dammion was found without his jewelry or any cash in his wallet – raise many questions that have never been answered.” (Source here).

In this Podcast they:

“… reconstruct the final days of Dammion’s life and take listeners through the complicated investigation to better understand what factors led to Dammion’s death and who, if anyone, should be held responsible.” (Source here).

All twelve episodes are now available plus a couple of bonus episodes.

2. Chameleon: High Rollers - By Trevor Aaronson for Campside Media.

If you liked the Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen Podcast then definitely check out the just launched season 2 of this Podcast, Chameleon: High Rollers from Campside Media. In this new season host Trevor Aaronson investigates:

“… the stranger-than-fiction tale of what happens when a check-kiting informant, an FBI undercover agent, and a group of Las Vegas businesspeople all pretend to be something they’re not – money launderers. (Source here).

In this Podcast, host Aaronson:

“… digs into the case and more than 20 hours of FBI recordings, taking listeners into a sordid, neon-lit world of diet clinics, fitness models, high-end restaurants, strip clubs, lascivious men, arms dealers, secret scams, and lawsuits.” (Source here).

He asks the question:

“How do you separate the good guys from the bad when no one is who they appear to be?” (Source here).

Five episodes so far and really looking forward to number six!

3. My Mate Bought A Toaster with Tom Price - Great Big Owl.

This is not a new Podcast but a “new to me” Podcast which means there are LOTS of episodes available (three seasons to get through). In every episode we meet a new famous guest that has given host Tom Price access to their Amazon account. Host Price then:

“… trawls through the Amazon purchase histories of a variety of comedians. Everything you’ve ever bought on that website is on record - it’s the true story of who you really are.” (Source here).

Lots of great purchases are uncovered and so many stories are told relating to these purchases that allow you to get to really know the guest (and their buying habits). I really liked the episodes with Susannah Constantine, Les Dennis and Anneka Rice. Very easy laid back listening.

4. Smoke Screen: Fake Priest - By Alex Schuman for Neon Hum Media.

Despite listening to and enjoying this Podcast way back in August 2020 when it was released I somehow overlooked it in previous Podcast blogs and only just realised this so here we go! Over the course of nine episodes the Smoke Screen: Fake Priest Podcast tells the story of a man, who for 30 years claimed to be a priest named Fr. Ryan. During this time he:

“… performed baptisms and took confession. Every time he ran into trouble, Father Ryan would move on to another small Midwestern town and start his scheme all over again. Followers who once worshipped him, now accuse him of exploitation, fraud and abuse.” (Source here).

Host Alex Schuman takes us along as he:

“… unravels this con and gets answers from this white-collar criminal himself.” (Source here).

We hear all about this “Priest” who is:

“…accused of swindling millions … who has travelled the Midwest for decades pretending to be a priest.” (Source here).

This is one crazy story, the amount of times he evades prosecution and jail is unbelievable!

5. The Lazarus Heist - Hosted By Jean Lee & Geoff White for BBC World Service.

If you were a fan of the aforementioned Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen Podcast this new BBC Podcast will be of interest to you. Released in April 2021, The Lazarus Heist Podcast is a crazy but true story all about:

“… a hacking ring and an attempt to steal a billion dollars. Investigators blame North Korea. Pyongyang denies involvement. The story begins in Hollywood.” (Source here).

Another fantastic Podcast from the BBC with so many interesting insights into what life is like in North Korea and of course the hackers who originated there.

6. Smoke Screen: I Am Rama - Hosted By Jonathan Hirsch for Neon Hum Media.

Season two from Smoke Screen and Neon Hum Media brings us a captivating Podcast entitled Smoke Screen: I Am Rama. This is a ten part investigative Podcast series that examines the rise and fall of a spiritual healer named “Rama” who in the 80s and 90s:

“… inspired many of his students while helming what many of his detractors would describe as a cult. He defied society’s archetypal vision of a New Age leader, eschewing minimalism for wealth and celebrity. He was also a man ahead of his time, encouraging his students to develop careers in computer science before that was mainstream. For some, following Rama’s lead worked out spiritually, and financially too. But for others, Rama’s actions contradicted his cool persona; some eventually came forward with accusations of abuse, others vanished, whistleblowers went to the media, and the group began to shrink and splinter.” (Source here).

Fans of cult related Podcasts such as Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment, Heaven’s Gate and The Orgasm Cult should definitely check out this Podcast.

I am really loving this Podcast, the first four episodes are available now and it would be a great one to binge!

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