My Top 8 New May 2022 True Crime Podcasts

Another month has flown by and I am back with eight new true crime Podcasts, I hope you enjoy them too!

1. Sympathy Pains - Hosted By Laura Beil - iHeartPodcasts.

Laura Beil returns with another captivating Podcast so clear your diary and get ready to binge all the available episodes! The Sympathy Pains Podcast is a six-part series investigating the crimes of serial liar and fraudster Sarah Delashmit:

“For 20 years, Sarah Delashmit told people around her that she had cancer, muscular dystrophy, and other illnesses. She used a wheelchair and posted selfies from a hospital bed. She told friends and coworkers she was trapped in abusive relationships, or that she was the mother of children who had died. It was all a con. Sympathy was both her great need and her powerful weapon. But unlike most scams, she didn’t want people’s money. She was after something far more valuable.” (Source here).

This Podcast is absolutely gripping! We hear from many of the victims of Sarah’s crimes and their attempts to have her stopped and punished. There are five episodes currently available.

If you liked the host of this Podcast, Laura Beil, then here are three other excellent Laura Beil hosted for Wondery Podcasts:

2. Klooghless - Hosted By Sarah Ferris - Evergreen Podcasts & CONmunity Podcast.

This Podcast gets a big YES from me - not only is it an excellent true crime Podcast but it is also a New Zealand based true crime story. I absolutely love the people of New Zealand and their wonderful accents since I spent an amazing year living there in 2014/2015.

Klooghless tells the story of financial advisor (and scammer) Barry Kloogh. Trusted by everyone in the local area of Dunedin, Barry violated their trust and:

“… stole over $15 million from 81 victims in a web of deceit that he started spinning over four decades earlier.” (Source here).

We hear the stories of some of Barry’s victims in this Podcast and how he not only stole their money but their financial security, their futures and their belief in humankind.

There are currently four episodes of this Podcast available.

3. Run, Bambi, Run - Hosted By Vanessa Grigoriadis - Apple TV+ & Campside Media.

This true crime Podcast investigates:

“… the real life story of Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek, a stunning 21-year-old Milwaukee police officer who was dubiously convicted of killing her new husband’s ex-wife, before braving a daring escape as part of a years-long quest to clear her name. (Source here).

I was not familiar with this wild story at all but having listened to the available episodes I can tell that Laurie led a very colourful life and there are a lot more crazy stories to come! I am really enjoying hearing her life story unfold. There are currently five episodes available.

4. Locked Inside - Hosted By Erica Stapleton - 12News & VAULT Studios.

This Podcast begins with a frantic 911 call in Gilbert, Arizona. When the Police attend the scene they find:

“… one resident, who was supposed to be under 24/7 supervision, lying in a pool of blood on the floor.” (Source here).

It does not take long for news of the crime to spread and locals are shocked to find that:

“… the quiet home next door has been housing a convicted killer for years.” (Source here).

Locked Inside uncovers:

“… the events leading up to this tragedy and questions how it may have been prevented, exposing holes in the state’s justice and mental health systems along the way.” (Source here).

There are four episodes currently available.

5. Border City - Hosted By Sandra Dibble - Los Angeles Times.

Border City is an eight-part true crime Podcast series in which journalist and host Sandra Dibble tells about her experience of living in Tijuana on the US-Mexico border. Sandra speaks to others as she tries to unravel the tumultuous relationship between Tijuana and the United States.

Over time Sandra:

“… begins to understand the darkness that hovers over this city, whose destiny is often shaped — for better or worse — by outside forces beyond its control: Global economic cycles. Shifts in U.S. immigration policies. The insatiable U.S. demand for illicit drugs.” (Source here).

In short:

“Border City takes listeners with Sandra on her journey of discovery, as she chronicles the city’s evolution and searches for her own place in it. It also tells a larger story that reaches far beyond the U.S.-Mexico border — a universal story of migration and belonging and identity that touches us all.” (Source here).

There are currently five episodes available and as they average thirty minutes an episode they are a good option if you find yourself tight on time.

6. HeidiWorld: The Heidi Fleiss Story - iHeartPodcasts.

In this true crime Podcast we hear how:

“… ambitious LA girl Heidi Fleiss rose to become a “Hollywood Madam” in the early 90s, and how she fell at the hands of American sexual hypocrisy. A kaleidoscopic look at sex, drugs, glamour and corruption in Los Angeles.” (Source here).

Heidi Fleiss was:

“… best known as the “Hollywood Madam.” Despite having started her business at just 22, she developed a star-studded list of clients, all meticulously organized in her red Gucci planner. Among them was Charlie Sheen, who famously testified at Heidi’s trial that he’d spent $53,000 a year on her services. On a bad night, Heidi says she raked in $10,000. What made Heidi Fleiss so successful, how did her ring unravel, and where did she fly off to?” (Source here).

I am enjoying this Podcast as I had not heard of Heidi Fleiss before so this a completely new story for me. There are four episodes available now.

7. White Eagle - Hosted By M. William Phelps - iHeartPodcasts.

White Eagle is a six-part true crime Podcast about a 1983 bank heist whereby a:

“… a 25-year-old armored truck driver from West Hartford, Connecticut, tied up his co-workers, stuffed more than $7 million into a Buick LaSabre, and disappeared into the night. At the time, it was one of the largest cash heists in U.S. history. But that was just the beginning.” (Source here).

The full story of the heist and those involved is revealed over the course of the Podcast episodes. We hear from some key people that were involved in this case at the time also. There are four episodes now available.

If you like this Podcast, you might want to check out M. William Phelps’ other Podcast Paper Ghosts.

8. Scorned: Love Kills - From ID.

In each standalone episode of Scorned: Love Kills we hear a new true crime story with the common thread of “the dark side of love”. I think this is a great Podcast if you are short on time and/or do not want to get stuck into a full series. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and there are now four episodes available.

“In every episode, listen to reporters, law enforcement and psychologists investigate crimes of betrayal and murder, with direct audio from ID’s hit TV show, Scorned: Love Kills.” (Source here).

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