Six Tips For Visiting Chamonix in Autumn:

This post is going to be short and sweet with just six quick tips for visiting Chamonix in Autumn.


Firstly, if you want to head up the mountains using the lifts/gondolas be sure to check the dates and times of operation as soon as possible. A lot of the lifts and gondolas close for maintenance before they reopen for the busy Winter ski season. Unfortunately we missed the Aiguelle du Midi for this reason as we could only go as far as the intermediate stop, the Plan de l’Aiguille, at a height of 2,310m.

Visit the ticket office at the base of the Aiguelle du Midi Gondola for information about all the lifts and gondolas in the valley. You will be able to pick up a price-list and maps here also. We found the staff to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Click here for more information on the Mont Blanc Multipass.


Visit the excellent Chamonix Tourist Office for advice about Chamonix, the surrounding area, activities available etc. You can also buy an extensive valley trail guide with map here for €15. The staff are fantastic at what they do so make the most of their knowledge and experience.


Bring some warmer clothes! While we had great weather in Chamonix, you will feel a real drop in temperature once the sun sets so be sure to pack some warm layers for evening time, early mornings and higher altitude hikes!


Get up early! Take advantage of the beautiful bright mornings and quiet trails by getting up early and getting out there.


If you like to drink alcohol, take advantage of Happy Hours around the town! Alcohol, especially beer is expensive in Chamonix (and France in general) even by comparison to Irish standards; €7-9.00 for a pint of beer. Why pay more when you can pay less - a few early happy hour beers/wines and home to bed so you can follow tip four above and get up early!


Watch out for Chamonix’s big weekend “end of season sale”. The streets of Chamonix are filled with stalls (and people looking for bargains). Almost every shop takes part, each having their own offers from % off to BOGOF, it varies from place to place. If you need to upgrade your ski/snowboard/hiking attire, now is the time to do it! We even noticed that some shops dropped their sale prices, or increased their discounts further, as the weekend progressed.

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