Top 12 True Crime Podcasts of 2023!

As we approach the end of 2023 I have revisited all the true crime podcasts that I have featured throughout this year and I have finally chosen my Top 12 - one for every month of the year! So, if you were having trouble narrowing down the full list from my Top True Crime Podcasts of 2023 - The Complete List then I have you covered, this is the blog for you right here. To avoid repeating the same information, I am not giving a description of each true crime podcast listed here, instead, if you want to know more you can click on the title of any/each of the podcasts to see the original article where they were featured and you will find a detailed description there.

1. Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan - Hosted By Nicola Tallant - Sunday World.

2. Scamanda - Hosted By Charlie Webster - Lionsgate Sound.

3. Very Scary People- Hosted By Donnie Wahlberg - ID.

4. The Kinahans - Hosted By Damien Lane - The Irish Sun.

5. The Children in the Pictures - Hosted By Akhim Dev - LiSTNR.

6. Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University - Hosted By Laura Beil - Wondery.

7. Casefile Presents: The Frankston Murders - By Vikki Petraitis.

8. I’m Not Here To Hurt You - Hosted By Kevin Doyle - Irish Independent.

9. Finding Samantha - Hosted By Sharon Davis, Tim Desmond & Nicoline Greer - RTE Documentary on One.

10. The Crossbow Killer - Hosted By Tim Hinman & Meic Parry - BBC Radio Wales.

11. Love Janessa - Hosted By Hannah Ajala - CBC Podcasts & BBC World Service.

12. The Boy in the Water - Hosted By Melanie Reid - Newsroom.

So there you have it - my Top 12 True Crime Podcasts of the Year - 2023, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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