My Last Top True Crime Podcast Update of 2023

When I released my 14 Top New True Crime Podcasts of November and December 2023 blog, I thought that would be my last true crime podcast blog for the year but before I say a final goodbye to 2023, I have one last true crime podcast list for you. Basically, I listened to some really great true crime podcasts after releasing the aforementioned blog that I had to compile one last 2023 list. Full transparency, I intended on releasing this blog at the end of December but life/travel/Christmas took priority so I am finally getting it out now, a little later than planned!

1. Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan - Hosted By Nicola Tallant - Sunday World.

This is one of the standout true crime podcasts of the year for me, Irish true crime at its best and its no surprise with the excellent Nicola Tallant at the helm. Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan investigates the 1981 murder of mother of three Nora Sheehan in Cork, Ireland. While I was familiar with this case, I really learned so much more from this podcast and could not stop listening. It has taken 42 years for justice to be served in this case, the man responsible for Nora’s murder, Noel Long, was finally found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2023.

A key contributor to this podcast is Julieanna Moore Watkins, Long’s sister, who provides us with a complete picture of the type of person Noel Long is, outlining his long history of violence and abuse. Julieanna shows such strength, bravery and integrity throughout the podcast as she tells her family’s story. She is a compelling “storyteller” and the story she tells is absolutely shocking.

You are lucky that all six episodes are available now as this is definitely a true crime podcast worthy of binging. Be sure to have tissues ready as if you don’t cry throughout you are guaranteed to shed a tear while listening to the final episode!

2. The Trial: Brianna Ghey - Hosted By Liz Hull & Caroline Cheetham - Daily Mail.

As the title suggests, this true crime podcast covers the trial of two teenagers accused of murdering Brianna Ghey, a 16-year-old transgender girl who was killed in Warrington, England on the 11th of February 2023. Brianna was stabbed 28 times before she died. The two accused (who cannot be named) deny the charges.

Hosts Liz Hull and Caroline Cheetham take us through each day of court and we hear the complete story of Brianna’s murder, all the evidence against the accused teenagers and of course, the verdict and its aftermath.

I have followed this podcast since the first series when they covered the Lucy Letby trial and the second equally excellent series that covered the Aisling Murphy trial, so I had to listen to this third series and it is excellent. The fourth series, this time following the trial of Constance Marten and Mark Gordon has just started and will certainly be included in my future true crime blog.

All eleven episodes of the Brianna Ghey trial podcast are already available.

3. The Storyteller: Naked Villainy (Season 3) - By Isla Traquair.

If you are looking for a long detailed true crime story then this is the one for you; the perfect companion on a long travel day! With twenty-one episodes available so far, you will have a lot of catching up to do but its so interesting I don’t think you will find it too taxing.

This podcast begins, as many true crime podcasts do, with a murder. In July 1978, Dr. Brenda Page, a 32 year old leading scientist at Aberdeen University was murdered in her flat. The number one suspect was her ex-husband and fellow scientist, Christopher ‘Kit’ Harrisson. Now, 45 years after her brutal murder, Christopher ‘Kit’ Harrisson (now 80 years old) is finally on trial for her murder. This podcast is:

“… the FIRST time in UK history that a full murder trial has been recorded and broadcast and this is no ordinary murder.” (Source here).

Host Isla Traquair takes us into the courtroom and we are given the opportunity to come to our own conclusions about this murder case, hearing the evidence as the jury does and deciding who is telling the truth. The host also provides great background information about this case, including old interviews with Kit’s former boss, an ex-boyfriend of Dr. Page and some of her closest friends and more. As this court case progresses, it is still hard to know what way it will go, I am certainly going to be following this to its conclusion.

4. Who is the Cheese Wire Killer? - Ryan Ogilvie.

Over the course of five episodes host Ryan Ogilvie investigates a cold case, the 1983 murder of taxi driver George Murdoch in Aberdeen, Scotland. George was working a routine taxi driving shift when he picked up, what would ultimately be his last ever passenger. This passenger, for reasons unknown, attacked George in his taxi car, using a cheese wire around his neck. George somehow managed to escape the attack in his car and tried to run from his attacker but unfortunately his attacker recaptured and strangled him to death near to his car. Two people witnessed the attack outside the vehicle and raised the alarm with the police but despite their best efforts, George died and the killer fled and has remained at large ever since.

George was a much loved husband and friend and his brutal murder shocked the local community and of course devastated his family, friends and colleagues. For forty years this case has remained unsolved but will Ryan Ogilvie finally uncover new evidence and catch the cheese wire killer?

All five episodes are available now so clear your schedule and get listening.

5. Tortoise Investigates: Walter’s War - Hosted By Basia Cummings - Tortoise Media.

In this four part true crime podcast Walter’s War we are taken back to 2012 and to a relationship which (like many) starts online. This online relationship develops between a “wealthy male diplomat” (Oliver) and a young female college graduate (Charlie), both based in London. While the relationship starts online it does develop into an “in person” relationship until one day Charlie receives a text message that questions everything she knows about Oliver and essentially “turns her life upside down” and leaves Charlie reeling. Charlie begins to question how much of her relationship with Oliver was fact and how much was just pure fiction:

“10 years later, a mystery is still hanging over her. Walter’s War is an investigation into what happened next – a journey through big tech and national security, hype and hucksterism, where anyone who can tell a good story can go far. But how much is true?” (Source here).

Host Basia Cummings sets out to separate fact from fiction and starts a deep dive into everything Oliver. Basia’s investigative skills are put to the test and she has some help along the way, speaking to ex-girlfriends and former workers from Oliver’s company. There certainly are some twists and turns that I did not see coming!

This podcast is really captivating and I devoured all four episodes in one go.

6. Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate - Hosted By Myles Bonnar - BBC Scotland.

When I started listening to this true crime podcast, I was not expecting such an extraordinary story, absolutely overflowing with corruption, exploitation and cover-ups. Shiny Bob: The Devil’s Advocate begins with a rumour that:

“… secretly gay lawyers and judges are perverting the course of justice [in Scotland].” (Source here).

This leads to a conspiracy theory that sets the press on a hunt to uncover the truth. One man is at the centre of it all, Bob Henderson QC, or “Shiny Bob” as he was more commonly known. What you will quickly learn is that Bob might be “shiny”, but he certainly isn’t clean.

I highly recommend that you download all of the six available episodes and binge as many as you can in one go - you won’t want to stop. Honestly, I am still trying to wrap my head around the revelations revealed in the final episode - mind blowing!

7. The Gift - Hosted By Jenny Kleeman - BBC Radio 4.

While this podcast isn’t classed as true crime, it really has crime at its core and it is absolutely fascinating so I had to include it. If you liked the previously featured true crime podcast Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University and/or the 2020 true crime podcast Immaculate Deception then you will definitely want to listen to The Gift.

Over six episodes, host Jenny Kleeman:

“… meets the men and women whose lives changed forever after the opened a box that contained a DNA test.” (Source here).

These bombshell stories will expose extraordinary lies and crimes that may have forever gone uncovered if simple at home DNA tests had not been undertaken. From stolen sperm to an accidental IVF mix-up, this podcast has it all!

All six episodes are available now.

8. Vanished: The Arlene Fraser Murder (Season 2) - By Dale Haslam - DC Thomson.

Thirty-three year old Arlene Fraser, a dedicated mother to two child, disappeared on the 28th of April 1998 from her home in Elgin, Scotland. Arlene simply vanished and her disappearance “became Scotland’s largest ever missing persons case”. Over six episodes, this true crime podcast:

” … details how the married Elgin woman’s disappearance sparked a huge search operation, with mountain-rescue teams, search dogs, helicopters and police divers joining the hunt.” (Source here).

When Arlene disappeared, everyone’s focus was on her husband Nat Fraser as the person responsible for her disappearance; their relationship had a history of domestic violence but Nat appeared to have a solid alibi and so the case went cold. Months later, a new team of investigators are brought in and soon a breakthrough is made, but will they finally uncover what happened to Arlene Fraser and catch the person responsible? Will they find Arlene?

This is an excellent true crime podcast series that allows you to follow an investigation from start to finish. Arlene’s family have been through so much and the current status of this case will leave you heart broken for them. All six episodes are available now.

9. Dateline: Mortal Sin - Hosted By Josh Mankiewicz - NBC News.

Well Josh Mankiewicz is back and I am very happy about it - love him! Dateline: Mortal Sin is a true crime podcast series that investigates the December 26th 1997 death of Dawn Hacheney. Dawn was found dead after a mysterious house fire at her home in Bremerton, Washington.

Host Josh Mankiewicz sets out to uncover the truth; did a tragic accidental house fire really kill Dawn or did something far more sinister take place?

All five episodes are out now.

10. My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty (Season 4) - CBS News.

Already in its fourth season, I am not sure how I haven’t included this true crime podcast before now! Erin Moriarty is most recognised as the host of the hit US true crime TV show 48 Hours and the associated podcast (which I have also forgotten to feature, but is well worth a listen). Erin brings her years of expertise and experience to her My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty true crime podcast. In this latest season, Erin focuses on:

“… the labyrinth of crime within families and the secrets that kept them together or tore them apart.” (Source here).

Erin Moriarty has proven herself to be an excellent TV correspondent and now an excellent true crime podcaster. Her voice makes for easy listening, even when the subject matter isn’t easy! I like how over one or two episodes Erin covers a case from start to finish, making this true crime podcast an great option if you have a limited amount of time but want to get your true crime fix. So far, season four has eleven episodes available and if you make your way through all of those, you have seasons one to three to catch up on!

11. The Wedding Scammer - Hosted By Justin Sayles - The Ringer.

Well you know how much I love a true crime scam/con-artist podcast and The Wedding Scammer is just that! Over seven episodes, host Justin Sayles embarks on a mission to track down and confront a scammer, who he himself was also a victim of. This scammer has a lot of “hustles” on the go, multiple aliases and of course, countless victims!

“Michael, Mark, Lawrence: What is the Wedding Scammer’s real name?” (Source here).

I really enjoyed this podcast. I found it very entertaining and easy listening.

12. The Vanishing Point - Hosted By Celisia Stanton - Tenderfoot TV & Audacy.

In this true crime investigative podcast, host Celisia Stanton transports us to Hoopa, California. Hoopa is located in the Pacific Northwest and is home to the Hoopa Valley Tribe. While this area is best known for its picturesque landscape, acres of national forest and endless hiking trails, it hides a dark secret:

“… a haunting history of numerous unsolved missing person cases.” (Source here).

But even more specific, the majority of people reported missing or murdered in this area are Indigenous people. The Vanishing Point true crime podcast:

“… transports listeners to the last known location shared by multiple missing individuals, uncovering new details about their cases and the significance of the area.” (Source here).

The stories told in this podcast are heart wrenching but it feels like it is critical that they are heard and that it is so important that there is a safe platform for them to be shared.

All six episodes, plus a few bonus follow-up episodes, are available now.

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