Podcasts Galore - Time For An Update!

It’s been a while since my last Podcast article so it’s definitely time for a updated list of Podcasts that I am loving at the moment.

As usual, all of the Podcasts I list here, I listen to on Spotify (as I am a paid account holder) but all are also available on iTunes and other platforms such as SoundCloud or Podbean; a simple search online and you will find them.

1. The Thing About Pam - By Keith Morrison for Dateline NBC.

I stumbled upon The Thing About Pam Podcast a few days ago and I have already listened to all six episodes, one after the other, it was impossible to stop listening once I started!

The story behind the Podcast (taken from here):

“Two days after Christmas, 2011, Russ Faria came home to find his wife, Betsy, dead. Betsy’s brutal murder set off a chain of events that would leave another person dead and expose a diabolical scheme.”

The Podcast begins with the murder of Betsy and it then brings you on a journey to uncover the truth about her death, the hunt to find her killer and all the unbelievable events that take place following her death. Mind-blowing levels of lies and deceit make for one crazy captivating true-crime story.

2. Bad Batch - By Laura Beil for Wondery.

I knew I had to listen to this Podcast when I saw that Laura Beil was the host. Laura Beil was also the reporter and host of the epically good and award winning Wondery Podcast “Dr. Death”. Bad Batch is another absolute gem from her and Wondery.

About this Podcast (taken from here):

“Patients are offered a miracle cure, but instead they end up rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The race is on to track down what went wrong with several patients in Texas before more people get hurt. The trail leads to a stem cell company with a charismatic CEO, and to an entire multibillion dollar industry where greed and desperation collide.”

So, go now and download the episodes, get comfortable and prepare to binge - thank me later, it is so good!

3. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein - By Lindsay Graham for Wondery.

The Mysterious Mr. Epstein Podcast is another great series from Wondery who are probably my favourite Podcast publisher overall. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein tells us the story of:

“… how a wealthy financier who was apparently able to elude justice for financial and sexual crimes from his first days as a young man on Wall Street, until the very end.”

While I was familiar with the case of Mr. Epstein due to the massive press coverage it received, there was a lot of information and facts about the case in this series that I wasn’t aware of and so I found it very interesting. The only negative part? - the long advertisements but at least you can fast forward!

4. Dateline - By NBC.

If you hadn’t guessed already… I really like true-crime Podcasts. I am very happy that I have found the Dateline NBC Podcasts as they really hit the spot on that front.

This is a Podcast version of the popular NBC TV show with of same name:

On the air since 1992, Dateline is the longest-running prime-time program on NBC. Our work has been honored time and again with broadcast journalism’s highest awards.”

Each episode focuses on a new true-crime story. The length of each episode varies so you can choose one to suit the amount of time that you have to listen.

Current and classic episodes of Dateline NBC, featuring compelling true-crime mysteries, powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.”

I am working my way through the episodes at an alarming rate!

5. Patient Zero: Lyme Disease - By Taylor Quimby for New Hampshire Public Radio (NPR).

The clue is in the title of this one, a Podcast all about Lyme Disease and it is so interesting! Patient Zero: Lime Disease is:

“A podcast exploring one of the most enigmatic epidemics of the 21st century: Lyme Disease.”

As described by NPR:

“Patient Zero investigates the spaces where people and pathogens collide. It is a story about Lyme disease, but it is also a story about uncertainty, and what to do in the face of it.”

During the seven episodes you learn all about Lyme Disease. They begin by investigating the origins of it before moving onto treatments and preventative measures. They also conduct interviews with suffers so you hear first hand how Lyme Disease affects the lives of those who live with it.

6. The Laughs Of Your Life with Doireann Garrihy.

Doireann Garrihy is the host of this entertaining Podcast which will definitely make you laugh and probably make you cry too!

I am now listening to the second series of this Podcast and I think it is getting better and better. In each episode Doireann interviews a celebrity guest and asks them a variety of questions all of which centre around the theme of laughter. Questions such as, “The first time that you felt laughed at?”, “A time/moment that if you didn’t laugh you would cry?”, “A time that you had the last laugh?”, “The person that you always laugh with?” and so on.

These questions give you a great insight into the life of the person being interviewed, their memories and stories of laughter. Each episode is guaranteed to make you burst out laughing. If you listen in public, be prepared for lots of funny looks from those who witness your laughing outbursts! Deirdre O’Kane, Francis Brennan and Donncha O’Callaghan are my favourite episodes (guests) so far.

I have three more Podcasts that I have just started so if they prove worthy I will tell you more about them. But for now, happy listening!

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