My June 2020 Podcast Recommendations

If there was one advantage of being in lockdown for the last three months due to COVID19 it would be finding more fantastic Podcasts to listen to. Here are six sensational Podcasts to keep you entertained.

1. Forgotten: The Women of Juárez - Hosted By Oz Woloshyn & Mónica Ortiz Uribe for iHeartRadio.

This Podcast is brand new, the first three episodes were only released on June 1st 2020. I love when Podcast creators release a few episodes at once so you can listen to them one after the other and really get into the story.

Forgotten: The Women of Juárez investigates the disappearance and vicious murders of hundreds of women in the border city of Ciudad Juárez:

“The ones that are found have strange symbols carved on their bodies, some have their wrists bound with shoelaces. All are discarded like garbage. The story of Forgotten investigates theories about what or who is responsible—a serial killer, organ traffickers, a Satanic Cult—and pursues an investigation with law enforcement on both sides of the border, terrified witnesses and corrupt authorities.” (Source here).

So far this Podcast is really good, very interesting and informative and the hosts are excellent and make a great team. I would highly recommend checking it out.

2. Full Disclosure with James O’Brien for LBC.

Back in 2018 I was a big fan of the Unfiltered with James O’Brien Podcast and I was very disappointed when it ended. Now I am very happy to report that since March 2019 James has a new Podcast (how did I not know this sooner!) and it is excellent.

In Full Disclosure with James O’Brien:

“Award-winning LBC presenter and best-selling author James O’Brien hosts a series of compelling conversations with fascinating people. These are revealing interviews with people who rarely give in-depth interviews, be it from politics, entertainment or news.” (Source here).

My favourite Podcast episodes so far have featured Ricky Gervais, Deborah Meaden and Frank Skinner.

3. Immaculate Deception - Reported & Hosted By Jenny Kleenman - A ‘Somethin’ else’ Production.

I was absolutely glued to this Podcast and listened to each episode as soon as it was available, it is so interesting and completely mind boggling that this situation actually occurred.

In the Immaculate Deception Podcast reporter and host Jenny Kleeman uncovers and tells the story of Dutch fertility doctor Jan Karbaat:

“The fertility doctor Jan Karbaat was renowned for getting amazing results. Women who were desperate for children would visit him at his Rotterdam clinic, and many would leave pregnant. But when the clinic closed, rumours circulated about the methods Karbaat used to achieve his success. The Immaculate Deception is a story about a doctor who was determined to create life – by any means possible.” (Source here).

I don’t want to give away too much so all I’ll say is that it’s one hell of a story!

4. It was Simple: The Betty Broderick Murders - Written & Presented By Pat Morrison for the L.A. Times.

This is a four part Podcast series brought to you by the L.A. Times which, as the title suggests, investigates, discusses and analyses the Betty Broderick Murders that took place in the wealthy suburb of “La Jolla” in Los Angeles in 1989:

“Thirty years ago, a man and his new wife were murdered in their bed. That’s a long time for a double homicide to stay in the public eye and imagination, but these were no ordinary murders. The killer was the man’s first wife, Betty Broderick. Betty and Dan Broderick had looked like the perfect couple, right up until they weren’t.” (Source here).

These murders had a ripple effect, raising many questions and issues that are still relevant to American society today:

“The jealous killer was, for a change, the woman, not the man. It’s been the subject of TV movies and books. It’s resonated with two generations of Americans – deserted wives, unhappy husbands. And it’s raised some questions about how divorce laws may contribute to what’s called the feminization of poverty. All of these issues remain critical and controversial in contemporary America today.” (Source here).

I was not familiar with this case as it took place so long ago but it wasn’t long before the first Podcast episode had me all caught up and episode 3 was just released- only one to go!

5. Motive for Murder - Hosted By Josh Mankiewicz for Dateline NBC.

I recommended the Podcast Dateline By NBC in a previous blog so listening to this mini series also from Dateline was a must for me.

In Motive for Murder host Josh Mankiewicz:

“… takes you inside one of the most twisted and confounding cases he’s ever covered.” (Source here).

In the five episodes of the Motive for Murder Podcast they are investigating:

“Two murders, months apart, in Houston. The young victims knew each other, but did they also know their elusive killer?” (Source here).

As all the episodes are now available this is a great one for you to download and binge on.

6. Son of a Hitman - Produced & Hosted By Jason Cavanagh in association with High Five Content & Spotify Studios.

Most of you will have heard of, or be familiar with the work of the famous American Actor Woody Harrelson but have you heard of his father, Charles Harrelson? If this has piqued your interest then you will love this Podcast all about Charles Harrelson, his criminal life and his path to becoming a hitman!

This new podcast documentary series Son of a Hitman:

“… dives into the deadly world of Charles Harrelson, a womanizer, a card shark, and possibly one of the most notorious hitmen of all time. He is also the father to A-list actor, Woody Harrelson. Jason Cavanagh investigates each of the three murders Charles Harrelson was charged with, including the first assassination of a federal judge in United States history, all while seeking to unravel the Harrelson’s claim… that he was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” (Source here).

I particularly liked hearing from Charles’ daughters in episode 5, their descriptions of “life with Charles” (their father) are contrasting, their memories and experiences wildly different but they offer a great insight into the type of person he was.

So that’s it, six great new Podcast - I hope you enjoy them.

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