Our Favourite Restaurants:

La Brasserie has been our favourite restaurant in Zell am See always and forever! We have recommended this restaurant to so many people and have brought friends and family to dine there with us on ski trips and it never disappoints.

We loved its cosy setting, reasonable prices, generous portions and friendly staff. Lisa was the host and always a pleasure to deal with. However, when we returned to Zell am See in 2018 we found that the restaurant had been extended and changed! While the old area remains, there is now a modern wood and glass area too and the wonderful Lisa is no longer working there. The good news is we still love this restaurant but for us, the charm is in the older area and so when we book (you really need to book it is very popular) we request to be seated in the old part. My favourite dishes are the burger and the ribs. We just hope the old part doesn’t get revamped anytime soon!

Villa Crazy Daisy is a great lunch or dinner choice. They have a great varied menu. The interior was recently renovated and the staff including Daisy are great. It would be wise to book here or you may be waiting!

Deins & Meins is owned and run by the lovely David. It also does lunch and dinner. In good weather there are tables outside. It is lovely inside in the Winter, great for couples. I’d advise you to book in advance.

Pizzeria Giuseppe is nothing fancy but serves typical Italian dishes at reasonable prices; very satisfying after a day on the slopes.

Another old reliable is Restaurant Kupferkessel. It is located a short walk from what would be regarded as the centre of Zell am See but not far! It has a really big menu, is very popular with families and those who arrive late to the resort or hit the apres ski hard at sundown, as they serve food much later than other places in Zell am See. Nothing like one of their pizzas to sober you up before bed!

Our Favourite Bars:

There are loads of great bars in Zell am See. In the ski season there is no harm just following the crowds or noise and you are sure to have a good night!

Once again, Villa Crazy Daisy needs to be mentioned. I love sitting on their terrace in the Winter, under a gas heater, wrapped in a blanket and sipping a hot Gluhwein (mulled wine). In the Summer you can do the same just in the glorious sunshine without the blankets, gas fires and with an ice cold drink. They often have live bands on the outdoor terrace in the Summer too. I think it is the best “pub/bar” terrace in Zell am See. There is also a bar/nightclub located on the second floor. This is popular with the younger party crowd, you can also play the nail game here.

I love going to The Gin House in Winter or Summer for a nice red wine (I know it should be gin that I drink here) and a few rounds of the nail game with J and friends. It is very convenient to go here straight from the slopes as it is located very close to the City Xpress Gondola station. You can also sit outside The Gin House and people watch as its right on the main street of Zell am See. The one thing to warn you about is that inside The Gin House can be very smokey!

While I am not that big a fan of it, the Pinzgauer Diele’s Bar/Nightclub is a very popular lively venue in the Winter. If you want to dance, this is the place to go. If there are a group of you on a ski trip you will love it. It has a stage for dancing onto which you are encouraged to go and dance on wearing all your ski gear, straight from the slopes! Prepare to sweat!! One thing to note, if you are in here with your ski jacket, don’t leave valuables in the pockets when you inevitably throw it off to dance!

The basement Greens XL Bar is a cool place to hangout with your friends and drink some delicious cocktails. They used to have games like pool but I am not sure if they are still there.

Insider Bar is a really popular Apres Ski bar, I haven’t been there in the Summer but it is probably as busy then too. Staff are nice and drinks are plentiful!

Over and out! I am sure you will love Zell am See whether you go in Summer or Winter. If you haven’t already read “Our Guide to Zell am See Part One” be sure to check it out!

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