Two Top Restaurants in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria:

We spent ten nights in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria recently. As you know J is vegetarian and also dairy-free (but not quite vegan) so we always research restaurants beforehand to make sure they have suitable dishes available. We found two great vegetarian/vegan friendly options and can’t wait to share them with you!


Firstly, Restaurant Etiopico Afrika was so good we ate there twice. Located in a quiet mall type building you could be put off when you first arrive, but fear not, the food is fantastic and the staff are extremely friendly. You can find the full food menu on their website and they also serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

We shared starters on both visits. We had their sambussa de lentejas, their hummus and we also tried their teclal, which is a dish comprised of injera rolls (Ethiopian bread) stuffed with a spicy lentil stew - everything was delicious and perfect for sharing but I think the teclal was our favourite.

For my main the firs time I choose a meat dish Zighini Sega Wot, meat stewed with onion, garlic, Berberè and served with cooked vegetables and injera. The second time I had a vegetarian dish, a lentil version of the stew which I actually preferred! J had Yeseitan Tebs, seitan with Berberè flavour, sautéed with onion, fresh chilli and Ethiopian spices on our first visit, which he loved and I tasted, it was yummy! He had the Yedubba Wot, a pumpkin stew with onion, tomato, black cumin, ginger, garlic, Berberè, served with cooked vegetables or injera the second visit, also top notch deliciousness.

We shared a dessert on our first visit (we were too full the second time we visited to have a dessert) and it was melt in the mouth fantastic. We had the Chocolate Tortino, a chocolate cake with a warm melted centre, served with biscuit and condensed milk and a hint of spice. The perfect ending to a perfect meal and truly enjoyable experience. Needless to say, if we had longer in Maspalomas we most certainly would have visited a third, fourth, fifth time! As I said the earlier, the staff are really lovely, so friendly and great for explaining the menu, answering any questions you might have and make recommendations to you based on your preferences.


We visited Zayka Authentic Indian Cuisine for lunch during our stay and boy were we happy we did. We were the only people there but it did not matter, it was a roasting hot day and we sat outside and enjoyed a long leisurely lunch. The waiter was so friendly and welcoming he really made an effort to ensure we had a good time and he was great for recommendations of things to try and extremely attentive.

We shared papadums, vegetarian samosas and aloo channa chat. Everything was delicious but the aloo channa chat really stood out with its blend of flavours.

I had a lamb korma for my main and it was so delicious, the meat was melt in your mouth and a great flavour from the sauce. J had a lentil

We both had boiled rice and shared a scrumptiously hot garlic naan!

I wish we had longer in Maspalomas as I definitely would have gone back here again!

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