Top New True Crime Podcasts of January 2024

Here is my first true crime podcast blog of the year 2024 and we are off to a great start! I have 11 brand new true crime podcasts that you really should check out.

As always, I am listening to all these true crime podcast shows on Spotify and so all mentions of available episodes relate to what is available on Spotify at the time of writing, unless stated otherwise.

1. Inside the Crime: The Una Lynskey Murder - Hosted By Frank Greaney - Newstalk.

Frank Greaney is back with a new Irish true crime podcast series, this time telling the story of nineteen year old Una Lynskey who disappeared on the evening of October 12th 1971 in Meath, Ireland. Her disappearance shocked the then small, local rural community. With no sign of Una Lynskey and no one charged in relation to her disappearance, fear grew among the locals and “houses were locked day and night.”

Join Frank Greaney as he goes back to the day of Una’s disappearance, speaking with witnesses, family members and many more important persons in this case. I actually don’t want to say too much as I do not want to give any “spoilers” to those reading who might be unfamiliar with this case. As there is only one episode available so far, there is still a lot to cover and major case facts have not yet been disclosed.

If Inside the Crime: The Una Lynskey Murder is anything like Frank Greaney’s previously featured true crime podcast Inside the Crime: The Whelan Family Story then we are in for a really thorough investigative true crime podcast that will no doubt pull at our heart-strings and leave no stone unturned. Having listened to the first episode (and despite knowing more about this case then what has already been covered) I eagerly await the second episode!

2. Patient 11 - Storycast - Hosted By Nicholas Pinnock - Sky News.

In my opinion, the only way to listen to this podcast is to feast on all four episodes in one sitting! Each episode ends on a cliff hanger and you simply will not be able to stop yourself listening to the next episode immediately.

Patient 11 is a true crime podcast that tells the story of Alexis Quinn’s horrific and criminal experiences while receiving psychiatric care through the NHS in the UK. This story is truly diabolical and what is even more frightening is the knowledge that Alexis’ experience is not a unique, there is evidence to show that hundreds of others have been mistreated by these same institutions.

When Alexis voluntarily sought psychiatric help during a very difficult and stressful time in her life, she could never have predicted that what was initially meant to be a three day stay in a psychiatric institution would turn into a “three-year ordeal”:

“Then undiagnosed with autism, and often the subject of 24-hour surveillance as well as long periods in solitary confinement, Alexis descends to the darkest reaches of locked-in, psychiatric care.” (Source here).

I found myself constantly thinking “OK, surely this is it, things cannot get any worse…” but every time it seemed that Alexis had reached a new level of hardship, another level was unlocked and she was thrown into it. This is a truly powerful podcast, a must listen in my opinion. All four episodes are available now.

3. Runaway Joe - By Pavel Barter, Tim Desmond & Nicoline Greer - RTE Documentary on One.

This true crime investigative podcast series looks into:

“… one of the oldest unsolved cases on the FBI’s books spanning six decades.” (Source here).

The “wanted” man at the centre of this podcast is Joseph Maloney who fled America, where he had been charged with first degree murder of his ex-wife, and headed to Ireland. Life in Ireland is going pretty well for Joseph where he has established a new life for himself, complete with a new identity (he is now Michael O’Shea) and he even has a new wife! All this changes when his past finally catches up with him and he suddenly finds himself in court in Ireland in 1985 facing extradition. Has Joseph’s luck finally run out?

This is a really great true crime podcast. The story of Joseph Maloney is so extraordinary and fascinating and this story is told so well by the hosts. The first four episodes are available now.

4. Cover Up: Body Brokers - Sony Music Entertainment.

This new true crime podcast takes us to Montrose, Colorado where mother and daughter duo, Shirley and Megan Hess run Sunset Mesa Funeral Home. Megan is the “face” of the family business, while her mother Shirley works in the background, preparing the bodies for burial or cremation. Outwardly, Megan is kind, caring, empathic and generous. Both Megan and Shirley are respected, trusted and well liked in the community. All of this changes when a dark secret about the illegal activities taking place in Sunset Mesa Funeral Home are uncovered! Honestly, their crimes are appalling, so disrespectful and despicable:

“… in the back of the funeral home, Megan’s elderly mother Shirley was actually dismembering the dead. And then Megan was selling the body parts – heads, torsos, legs – to companies that claim to do medical research.” (Source here).

Soooo much more to this story but I do not want to give any more spoilers - I am hooked! I have learnt so much about the business and practices of funeral directors, some of which I am not sure I really wanted to know to be honest.

There are five episodes available so far on Spotify but depending on where you listen, you might be able to listen to all eight episodes already.

5. The Trial: Constance Marten & Mark Gordon - Hosted By Jack Hardy & Caroline Cheetham - Daily Mail.

The Trial podcast is back and as the title suggests, this time we are following the trial of Constance Marten and Mark Gordon. Both Constance Marten and Mark Gordon have been charged with killing their newborn daughter. The full list of the charges against them are as follows, manslaughter by gross negligence, perverting the course of justice, concealing the birth of a child, child cruelty and causing or allowing the death of a child. They both deny all charges against them.

“Constance Marten & Mark Gordon went on the run in January 2023, along with their daughter Victoria, born just a few days before. A huge manhunt resulted in them being found in Brighton, and 2 days after that, Victoria’s body was found in a plastic bag on an allotment.” (Source here).

Once again we are transported into the courtroom and kept update to date on everything that takes place. A truly harrowing account baby Victoria’s short life have already been told. This is an extremely sad case that is (and certainly will be in the episodes to come) very upsetting to listen to due to the nature of the crime and the loss of such a young innocent life. There are only four episodes available so far so you have time to catch up and follow along live going forward.

6. Dr Death - Bad Magic (Season 4) - Hosted By Laura Beil - Wondery.

Honestly, I was so happy to learn that the team behind the excellent true crime podcast Dr. Death were back with a brand new season - season four! This season focuses on a “charismatic young doctor” by the name of Serhat Gumrukcu. But like many things in life, if something or someone seems to good to be true… then it/they probably are and you may well find yourself dealing with “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”:

“When a charismatic young doctor announces revolutionary treatments for cancer and HIV, patients from around the world turn to him for their last chance. As medical experts praise Serhat Gumrukcu’s genius, the company he co-founded rockets in value to over half a billion dollars. But when a team of researchers makes a startling discovery, they begin to suspect the brilliant doctor is hiding a secret.” (Source here).

I think preying on sick, vulnerable people who will essentially try anything to extend their lives is unbelievably grotesque but obviously “Doctor” Serhat Gumrukcu does not feel the same way. Another excellent true crime podcast with the superb host Laura Beil leading the investigation.

There are three episodes available now.

7. Chameleon: The Michigan Plot (Season 7) - Hosted By Jessica Garrison & Ken Bensinger - Campside Media & Sony Music Entertainment.

In the latest season of Chameleon, Chameleon: The Michigan Plot hosts Jessica Garrison and Ken Bensinger rewind to 2020, to the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and are investigating an alleged foiled kidnapping plot in Michigan, USA that took place during this crazy time in all our lives:

“In the fall of 2020, 14 men were arrested across three states in a series of FBI raids that shocked the nation. The government alleged that these men conspired to kidnap, and possibly even kill, the sitting governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.” (Source here).

The main aim (as I see it) of this podcast is to establish the truth and answer some important questions, such as, is this what really happened? was there really a kidnapping plot? or was this a case of entrapment? or overzealous policing? or something else?

There is only one episode available so far but in that first episode we learn so much about this alleged kidnapping plot and the accused through secret wire recordings. These wire recordings were carried out by an FBI informant posing as a militia member “courting” the group found responsible for the kidnapping plot:

“Was the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer the sophisticated plan the government said it was, or just the stoned fantasies of a group of down-on-their-luck gun nuts? Did the FBI stop a dangerous plot in motion… or did it help to create it?.” (Source here).

I am a big fan of the Chameleon true crime podcast and am curious to know how this investigation will unfold.

8. Hot Money: The New Narcos - By Miles Johnson, Patricia Nilsson & Alex Barker - Pushkin Industries.

Hot Money: The New Narcos is listed under the “business” podcast genre but it quite literally starts with a murder - enough said - true crime it is:

“Hot Money… begins with a mysterious murder in a small town and leads to a cocaine super cartel and a secret proxy war between democracies and dictatorships.” (Source here).

I inhaled this podcast, I loved the hosts who I found engaging and easy to listen to. They made it easy to follow the sometimes complicated subject matter and it is just so interesting. This is an exceptional piece of investigative work and reporting that takes us from Dublin to Dubai. The fantastic Irish investigative journalist Nicola Tallant also features in this podcast - I am a massive fan of her work. In fact, if you have already listened to her excellent true crime podcast The Kinahans then this will really tie into the story told in Hot Money: The New Narcos and if you haven’t already listened you are missing out!

All eight episodes are available now.

9. The Raven - Hosted By Tim Livingston - Tenderfoot TV & Audacy.

The Raven combines true crime with sport through its deep dive into the January 31st 2000 murder of two men, Richard Lollar and Jacinth Baker, who were killed during an altercation outside a club in Atlanta, USA. This altercation took place just hours after Super Bowl XXXIV and a Baltimore Ravens star linebacker named Ray Lewis along with his friends were involved in the fight that led to these two deaths. Subsequently, Ray Lewis and two of his friends were charged with the murders. One year later, all three defendants were cleared of these charges.

This is where the true crime element really kicks in, when host Tim Livingston pieces together the true events of the night and seeks to establish who really committed these murders:

“Less than a year after the killings, Lewis became a Super Bowl champion. He ended his Hall of Fame career with another title in 2013, and is widely regarded as the greatest middle linebacker in NFL history. He has made millions on and off the field since 2000 and always professed his innocence, but the victim’s families still believe there’s more to the story.” (Source here).

What I know about the Super Bowl and the NFL could fit on the back of a postage stamp but this has not prevented me from being enthralled with this new true crime podcast. I can’t wait to hear how this story develops. The first three episodes are available now.

10. True Crime Story: It Couldn’t Happen Here - Hosted By Hilarie Burton Morgan, Po Kutchins, Dan Flaherty, & Andrew Dunn - iHeartPodcasts.

This next true crime podcast starts with the brutal murder of husband and wife Dennis and Norma Woodruff in their new home in Royse City, Texas. Royse City is described as a small rural community, east of Dallas.

Join the FOUR hosts of this podcast as they unpack this case from start to finish. We learn all about the Woodruff family before the tragic events of Tuesday October 18th 2005 took place. These events saw Dennis and Norma’s 19 year old son Brandon Woodruff charged with their murders.

There are seventeen episodes available and I am only on episode twelve… probably because of all the adverts in this podcast slowing down my listening! The worst part is that it is the same couple of adverts over and over again! Anyway, despite my annoyance about the advertising bombardment, I am actually invested in this story and can’t wait to know what happens next. New episodes are still being released so this is probably a good true crime podcast to listen to if you have a long travel day ahead or a long run/cycle planned or you even if you plan on scrubbing your house from top to bottom - queue them up and get stuck in!

11. Varnamtown - Hosted By Kyle MacLachlan & Joshua Davis - PodcastOne.

Varnamtown is a remote town in North Carolina, USA and is the location of this the last new true crime podcast on today’s list. This tale begins with a phone call to an investigative journalist and what follows is a two year examination of the tale told during this innocuous phone call:

“Two years ago, Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Twin Peaks, called investigative journalist Joshua Davis with a strange story. Kyle had heard a rumor that Pablo Escobar did a deal in the early 1980s with a remote, coastal Southern town of 300 people. In exchange for vast wealth and limitless cocaine, Escobar would be allowed to land planes and ships in the area.” (Source here).

The hosts set out to discover:

“… what really happens when a firehose of money and cocaine is turned on a small, tight knit community.” (Source here).

There are only two episodes available right now, so far its been really interesting and engaging. The hosts have great banter and the tale is told with a somewhat comedic theme or undertone which makes it super easy to listen to, its cheerful and fun!

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