Time For Some Non-True Crime!

While true crime podcasts are my first love, I think its good to mix it up with some non-true crime and these are the four non-true crime podcasts that I have been loving in so far in 2024 - who doesn’t love a good laugh!

1. Keep It Tight - Hosted By Deirdre O’Kane & Emma Doran - HeadStuff Podcasts.

This new comedy podcast Keep It Tight is putting up a really great fight against my long time favourite comedy podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me for my number one non-true crime podcast position. While I was familiar with the work of comedian Deirdre O’Kane, her partner in crime for this podcast, Emma Doran, only came to my attention when I watched the recently aired TV show LOL: Last One Laughing Ireland. I actually started following Emma Doran after the aforementioned TV show as I really enjoyed her on the show and soon after the TV show aired, this new podcast was launched!

In each episode Deirdre and Emma chat, recounting old and new stories of their lives, mishaps, funny occurrences, opinions on various matters (serious and not) and much more. From bovine back pain hacks to surviving women’s prison, its all covered here and nothing is sacred or taboo:

“Each Wednesday Deirdre and Emma will discuss what’s delighted them, bewildered them, enraged them, and everything in between. No topic is out of bounds from the highest brow to the lowest pelvic floor.” (Source here).

The banter (and friendship) between Deirdre and Emma is indisputable and makes for an excellent, highly entertaining podcast. Their quick wit and rapid one liners makes this podcast absolutely laugh out loud funny. I have found myself looking forward to each new episode, knowing I will have a good laugh while I listen, even the episode titles are hilarious. There are six episodes available so far - highly recommend.

2. Who Replaced Avril Lavigne? Joanne McNally Investigates - BBC Sounds & CBC Podcasts.

Another great new non-true crime podcast of 2024 is Who Replaced Avril Lavigne?. This brand new podcast is presented by the truly talented comedian, writer and podcaster Joanne McNally. In this podcast, Joanne McNally has transformed herself into a serious investigative reporter - she’s working for the BBC now don’t you know! Joanne is a big fan of true crime podcasts so perhaps she will try her hand at that in the future - wouldn’t that be great! Meanwhile, her new podcast investigating Avril Lavigne’s alleged death and replacement by a body double is highly engaging, amusing and even educational - I never knew so much about Avril Lavigne!

The first three episodes are available now and if you have time to binge them then you definitely should - so good!

3. The Rest Is Entertainment - Hosted By Richard Osman & Marina Hyde - Goalhanger Podcasts.

The Rest Is Entertainment podcast launched in late 2023 but only hit my radar in the last month. In each episode hosts Richard Osman and Marina Hyde:

“… pull back the curtain on television, movies, journalism and more…” (Source here).

Using their years of experience in the world of entertainment and their extensive knowledge of this somewhat secretive world (especially in relation to what happens behind the scenes on e.g. TV shows), they give us their insider views and expert opinions on a wide range of entertainment related matters.

Their enthusiasm and passion for the topics they discuss is palpable. Their conversations are relaxed and easy to listen to. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable, really interesting and even educational podcast then be sure to check out The Rest Is Entertainment for yourself. There are about thirty episodes now available.

4. Memory Lane with Kerry Godliman & Jen Brister - Dot Dot Dot Productions & Keep It Light Media.

This comedy podcast has been around for a while (since July 2023 in its current format with two hosts) but it is new to me in 2024. In each episode of Memory Lane the hosts Kerry Godliman and Jen Brister sit down with a famous guest and discuss four photos that the guest has brought with them. As you can imagine, each of the four photos provoke different memories for the guest and the stories flow. It is such a lovely concept for a podcast and you really feel like you get to know the guest through their photographs and recounted memories. As this podcast is in its third season there are a lot of episodes already available. My favourites so far have been Ricky Gervais, Jess Fostekew, Joel Dommett, Dolly Alderton and Kevin Bishop.

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