The Best New Non-True Crime Podcasts of April 2023

True crime podcasts are not for everyone and sometimes I like a break from them too! Here are the non-true crime podcasts that I am loving right now.

1. Death By Rooster - By Sorcha Crowley - Irish Examiner Podcasts.

This three part podcast series tells the tragic story of the April 28th 2022 death of Jasper Kraus. Kraus lost his life when he was attacked by one of his roosters at his home in Ballinasloe, Ireland. However, this podcast is so much more than an account of Jasper’s last encounter with the rooster, it is a celebration of his fascinating life. We hear all about the extraordinary life that Jasper Kraus lived, the many roles he had during the course of his life and we learn of another serious tragedy that occurred in Jasper’s life in 1995 and resulted in the death of his two year old son.

We hear a lot from Jasper’s daughter Virginia whose love for her father is palpable and while she too lived through the loss of her brother (she was five years old at the time of his death) and her mothers subsequent departure from her life, she also has some fantastic stories and memories of life with her father and their many adventures which she willing shares in this podcast.

This podcast is excellent, I could not stop listening. I would suggest having tissues at the ready!

2. Infamous: Dubai’s Missing Princesses - Hosted By Vanessa Grigoriadis - Campside Media.

In the latest season of Infamous host Grigoriadis investigates the “missing princesses” of Dubai, namely the daughters of Sheikh Mohammed the ruler of Dubai since 2006. Sheikha Latifa (one of three daughters Sheikh Mohammed named Letifa) and Sheikha Shamsa have both claimed that they are being held against their will, imprisoned and held hostage and both have made attempts to escape in the years 2018-2021.

When Sheika Shamsa:

“… runs away from his (Sheikh Mohammed’s) British estate, it seems that all that glitters is not gold.” (Source here).

I am finding this podcast super interesting as besides reading a few newspaper articles over the years, I know very little about this whole scenario and recordings are played so we get to hear the voices of the princesses. This podcast is informative and well researched. There are two episodes available so far.

3. The Last Soviet - Hosted By Lance Bass - iHeartPodcasts & Kaleidoscope.

Lance Bass of boy-band NSYNC fame is the host of The Last Soviet podcast where he:

“… tells the story of the last Soviet cosmonaut who is trapped on the world’s only space station, as the country he knows and loves collapses beneath him.” (Source here).

Sergei Krikalev is the “last” Soviet cosmonaut referred to above. While Sergei Krikalev is 250 miles above the Earth’s surface he receives a message from ground control informing him that the Soviet Union is collapsing and the Soviet Space agency along with it (as you would expect). He needs to decide if he will go back down to Earth and abandon the world’s only space station to an unknown fate or stay put, hold firm and “wait it out” alone with minimal support. We hear all about how Sergei Krikalev came to be in this position in the first place and the difficult decisions he had to make.

Why is Lance Bass telling this story? Well… he is a Russian trained astronaut and Bass tells us all about his own experiences too in this podcast. We learn more about what the training involved and hear from the super interesting Helen Sharman who won a reality show cosmonaut contest and the wild ride that this win took her on.

This podcast is fun! Its fascinating and educating and really just an easy entertaining listen - I highly recommend it! There are seven episodes available now.

4. Big Fish with Spencer Matthews - Global.

In each episode of Spencer’s new podcast Big Fish with Spencer Matthews he interviews a well known successful (famous) person from a wide variety of backgrounds (business people, musicians, designers etc.) and learns how they got to be where they are. They usually discuss any challenges that they have had to overcome or hardships they had to endure. We discover what kept (and still keeps) them motivated (during easy and hard times) and essentially what made them the successful person they are today:

“Each week I’ll be speaking to leading CEOs, inspiring entrepreneurs, incredible designers and other famous faces to find out what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles and be the best at what they do.” (Source here).

I am already a fan of Spencer’s other podcasts which I have already featured on the blog and I am equally enjoying this new offering. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode with Jo Malone, such an amazing inspiring business person. I also loved the Tom Grennan episode and of course the latest episode (the first of season 2) with Gordan Ramsey is a must listen!

There are eighteen episodes available already.

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