So here is a quick post discussing our top ten travel essentials, no matter where we are going or for how long, we are never without these items!

1. Universal Adaptor with USB & USC

Don’t need to explain this item really but definitely want to share a great one we found on Amazon recently which has 3 USB Ports and 1 Type-c Port, you can use it around the world to charge multiple USB devices at the same time as one electrical device. Comes in a little case also, a great bit of kit and for 21Euro a great price, comparable ones available in airports are 65-90Euro!

2. A Power Bank

Small and light-weight Power Banks are a definite travel essential. Great for long travel days, hiking days or city exploring, when you use your phone as a camera and for GPS you will find your battery running down very quickly! Prices vary depending on the brand and battery capacity, be sure to shop around. J has one from Primark that was 9Euro and is still perfect two years later. Mine is from Halfords (now on sale for 5Euro) I paid 14Euro and it has served me well for over two years.

3. Kindle or other e-Reader

We both have Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReaders but I am definitely the book worm of the two of us (Check out my article “My Favourite books of 2018” if you are too!).

I rarely read physical books anymore. I love my Kindle, I find it hard to believe how reluctant I was to get one initially, as I loved books and thought I would hate it! However, I was quickly won over by its practicality and ease of use.

My Kindle is my baby, I would be so lost without it! Kindles are so convenient for travel, have an amazing battery life and are pretty good value these days (with a good case/cover and a little bit of care they last years). Downloading a book is so quick and easy, you will never again be bored in an airport if you own a Kindle! They make a great gift too and you can buy your loved one a Amazon voucher too so they can buy books!

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We have also mentioned this one before (in one of our bike touring articles) but we had to mention it again. We have the clip on JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker in red. It has been used so much, it is compact, very durable with great sound quality and high volume capabilities. We stay in Airbnbs so much and the majority don’t have speakers available to use so it’s great to have your own!

5. Headphones/Earphones

Nothing will help you zone out or drown out noise and relax like Headphones/Earphones making your travel experience a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

J recently splurged on a new Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones in midnight blue. He is thrilled with them as he is always working when we are travelling and wears headphones daily when working mainly to drown me out as I have a habit of chatting away with him while he tries to work!

I recently bought TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Earphones on Amazon and I am so happy with them and even wear them running now as I find them so comfortable.

6. Sleep mask and Earplugs

I am a very light sleeper and really sleep much better in a dark room. Crappy accommodation curtains/blinds are never an issue with a good sleep mask. Obviously great for long haul flying too.

Earplugs are also great to have especially when attempting to sleep on a long haul flight or your “quiet” hotel/Airbnb bedroom is actually positioned directly above the busiest bar in the city (you could just join the party too though ;-0)

Sleep masks and earplugs are cheap but effective and will certainly contribute to a more relaxing travel experience.

7. A Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Yes… I know, how many more times are we going to mention this but it really is fantastic just remember to pack it into your hold luggage!

Here is one on Amazon but they are pretty easy to get your hands on wherever you live.

8. Reusable Metal Water Bottle

Big fans of reusable metal water bottles. Saves you money and helps the environment. Moreover, it is so important to stay hydrated while you travel especially on long haul flights (helps prevent fluid retention, bloating and jet-lag). You can also use your bottle daily when you are travelling, bring it exploring the city or on a day hike!

We love the Klean Kanteen brand, I’ve had mine for at least 8 years! Click here to see mine. I also purchased the metal lid separately as I didn’t want a plastic one. I love the loop cap as it means I can clip the Kanteen to my backpack so I don’t lose it #winning!

9. Liquid for Hand Washing Clothing

A small tube of liquid for hand washing your clothing (or even just underwear) is so useful, especially if you are relying on Hotels and Guest-houses for your accommodation and don’t have access to a washing machine. When bike touring we find it especially useful as you do not have much clothing with you and need to wash regularly… and let’s face it, no one wants to be that smelly cyclist!

10. SPI-Belt or similar!

Love to run/walk/explore without having to bring a bag - get yourself a SPI-belt and you are hands free! Also great if you like to listen to music/podcasts etc. while you run/walk/hike as keeps your hands free.

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