Shandee’s Story Returns with Shandee’s Legacy

The true crime podcast Shandee’s Story featured in our The Best New True Crime Podcasts of January 2022 and is another podcast from The Australian that has amassed a huge following. This podcast and what it uncovered led to a major public inquiry into Queensland’s state-run DNA testing labs. This was mainly due to the irregularities found, and the unfathomable mistakes made, during routine DNA testing that were brought to light by Dr. Kirsty Wright during the making of this podcast. What Dr. Kirsty Wright has discovered will potentially affect hundreds (if not thousands) of police cases, past and present, within Queensland, that relied on DNA testing. The inquiry is now taking place and a new podcast episode will be released weekly, as Shandee’s Legacy, during the duration of the inquiry which will explain and summarise all the hearings and the exposed “bombshell evidence”. I for one am anxious to learn what the findings and consequences of this public inquiry will be.

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