Top New March 2022 Podcasts

While true crime Podcasts are by far my most listened to genre, it is nice at times to take a break from true crime and enjoy some light hearted content instead. These are four great Podcasts that I enjoyed listening to in February 2022.

1. Tiger Roll: The People’s Horse - Narrated By Liam O’Brien - RTE Documentary on One.

This is a wonderful new seven part series about two time Grand National winning horse Tiger Roll. I really enjoyed this Podcast, it is full of great characters and authentic Irish accents!

Tiger Roll was a special horse from the start but really made a name for himself worldwide when he won the Aintree Grand National in 2018 and again in 2019. In this Podcast we:

“… follow Tiger’s unlikely path to glory, from the very beginning to today, through the people and places that have made him the horse of a lifetime.” (Source here).

This is a feel good Podcast and I absolutely loved it. All seven episodes are available now so it is the perfect Podcast to binge!

2. The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe - Hosted By Stephanie McNeal - Discovery+.

Join host Stephanie McNeal as she uncovers the true story of the LuLaRoe clothing company.

“In 2015, thousands of hopeful retailers bought into LuLaRoe, one of the largest MLM clothing companies, only to have their dreams dashed. Before long, lawsuits and allegations that LuLaRoe was operating a pyramid scheme started filing in from retailers, many of them women and stay-at-home moms who had risked their homes, their bank accounts, and their relationships with close family and friends in an effort to be their own boss by selling LuLaRoe leggings.” (Source here).

We hear from a former LuLaRoe consultant named Heidi and get an insider view of the company, its operations and how profitable (or not) an experience it was for her. There is also a deep dive into the promotion and marketing side of the company, specifically the role that social media played. Their clever use of marking techniques including social media hashtags that were widely used by customers, consultants and sellers and were super successful in promoting the company and selling the products. The role of social media influencers is also discussed.

There are currently three episodes available.

3. Rylan’s Ry-Union - Hosted By Rylan Clark - Sky Bingo.

This Podcast first aired in November 2021 but I only discovered it this month. In each episode Rylan:

“… reunites celebrities from the worlds of music, film, TV and entertainment. Together they’ll share secrets, celebrate the good times, and maybe even settle a few arguments!” (Source here).

It is a Podcast all about “blasts from the past”. I enjoy the chatty nature of this Podcast and hearing updates from celebrities (all of whom have a link to Rylan) that I have not heard of for a while such as Cher Lloyd, Ella Henderson and Natalie Cassidy.

An easy going, relaxing to listen to Podcast filled with “behind the scenes” information and gossip! There are ten episodes now available.

4. Even the Rich: Janet vs The Halftime Show - Hosted By Brooke Siffrinn & Aricia Skidmore-Williams for Wondery.

Even the Rich never disappoints and I particularly liked this two-part series about Janet Jackson as while I remember the “Super Bowl incident”, I was never aware that it had such a big impact on Janet’s life and career.

“On February 1st, 2004, Janet Jackson’s right breast was exposed to a live audience of over 144 million at the Super Bowl — for 9/16ths of a second. What should have been a fleeting moment of professional embarrassment became a national scandal. It was a story that had everything: a titillating costume change gone wrong, a powerful black woman who refused to grovel, and a squeaky-clean, young white upstart who was only too happy to align himself with power. Racism, sexism and misogyny collided to turn one of the greatest entertainers in the world into nothing more than a political scapegoat.” (Source here).

It is such an interesting story starting with Janet Jackson’s early life and continuing with her path to becoming the strong successful person that she is today.

“… we’ll tell you the story of how one woman found a way to achieve the American dream — then had it all snatched away in an instant.” (Source here).

It is a truly inspiring story filled with crazy high highs and devastatingly low lows.

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