When we were planning our day trip around the interior of Gran Canaria (Spain) we of course included our usual search for places to eat, the fear of being hungry! We found to our surprise that there was in fact a vegan restaurant listed on the Happy Cow website in Artenara where we were headed - oh the excitement!

The vegan restaurant in Artenara is called Biocreperia RiscoCaido. We checked out Google and saw that they had an awesome rating of 4.9/5 with 110 reviews… our excitement grew! The only potential issue was that it would be Constitution Day in Spain on the day of our trip so the restaurant might be closed. We could only wait and see and keep our fingers crossed!


Driving along narrow, winding roads, with beautiful views and u-bends the norm we slowly made our way to Artenara. We parked just at the edge of Artenara and walked a short distance to the centre of the town. The route actually led us directly passed the Biocreperia RiscoCaido restaurant. We were elated to see that there was a chef outside the restaurant on the phone and the restaurant blackboard was outside too. This led us to believe all we needed to do was return at 13.00hrs, their opening time for the day and feast!


At 13.00hrs the owner greeted and seated us inside Biocreperia RiscoCaido (we felt it was too windy to sit outside unfortunately). There was one other couple who arrived at the same time as us, they were German and it was their forth time visiting - a good sign!

menu philosophy

The interior of Biocreperia RiscoCaido is small but homely, nicely decorated with loads of greenery. The white washed walls have some rock left raw and exposed, it felt very authentic Spanish.

interior interior wall

We were shown the menu of the day and it was explained to us by the owner. The menu included a vegetarian pate starter to share followed by a bowl of their home-made soup each, followed by a main dish (from a choice of three available that day; main dishes change daily) and a drink of your choice. The drinks available were bottled water (still or sparkling), wine, beer, home-made lemonade and home-made kombucha. The menu was 15euro, 18euro or 20euro depending on the main dish that you chose. The 15euro and 18euro options were both crepes with different fillings and the 20euro option was a seitan burger and crepe.

We were served the pate along with wholegrain breadsticks, it was so delicious. Next came the soup which was vegetable and very tasty, balsamic and olive oil drizzled on top.


Then came the mains, they did not disappoint! I chose the second crepe which had mushrooms and seaweed as it’s main ingredients and a sparkling water. Beautifully present, my crepe was filled with mushrooms and the most delicious pesto type sauce drizzled all over the top along with the seaweed.

Helens main

J chose the third option, the seitan burger and kombucha which was passion fruit that day. J’s burger was divine, so delicious and again the flavour from the dressing was just fantastic. Jers main

We decided we had to dry the desserts available and got a slice of each of the two cakes available, one was forest fruits and the other was lime. We got two coffees also. Again the desserts were so tasty, finger licking good and sugar free too!

forest fruit cake lime cake

Our total bill came to 49euro and we were very happy and pleasantly full. A great experience from start to finish. It was so relaxing, the main courses are made to order but we did not feel like we were waiting a long time, the pate and soup filled the time perfectly. I hope we make it back there again in the future.

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