My Top 5 Non-True Crime Podcast Recommendations

Sometimes I even like a break from true crime podcasts (believe it or not). These are my top non-fiction podcast picks right now!

Of course, if you are looking for true crime podcasts I have you covered! Check out my blog Over 200 Top True Crime Podcasts where you will find all the true crime podcasts that I have featured on and update monthly.

1. dot com: The Hacking - Hosted By Katie Puckrik - Crowd Network.

I was quickly drawn to this the latest season (season three) of the dot com: The Hacking podcast as it focuses on the hacking of the HSE (Health Service Executive) in Ireland and specifically the Rotunda maternity hospital in Dublin.

“You’d think healthcare would be a no-go. You’d hope that, surely, even Russian cybercriminals have their moral boundaries. But you have no idea the lengths they’ll go to for money.” (Source here).

“This is the story of how the world’s oldest maternity hospital, Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital, was crippled with a single email and forced to revert to pens and paper. Is the post-Cold War era over? In this brave new world, nothing is too small, or big, to be digitalised…including acts of war. Russian ransomware attacks almost doubled last year. At this very moment, cybercriminals are crippling schools, supermarkets, dentists, kindergartens, hospitals, oil pipelines - all in the name of money.” (Source here).

In the first episode we get an overview of the cyber attack and the massive consequences that it had on the Rotunda hospital. We hear from Geraldine, Director of Midwifery and Nursing in the Rotunda who quickly outlines the upheaval and unease that was caused:

“… to have all these systems at our fingertips for all these years and for them to be suddenly, without any warning, taken away from us.” (Quote Geraldine Ep.1)

Episode two is equally as enthralling as we learn more about the hackers behind the attack. I am looking forward to episode three already! While of course there is a true crime element to this podcast, officially the genre of this podcast is “technology” so I feel it belongs on this list!

2. Fed Up - Hosted By Casey Wilson for Wondery.

From the moment I listened to the trailer for this podcast I knew I would love it. In Fed Up host Casey Wilson tells us all about the self proclaimed “fibre queen” and influencer Tanya Zuckerbrot (her surname remind you of anyone?) and founder of the brand “F-Factor”. The F-Factor promotes a new diet based around consuming lots of fibre! The second main player in this podcast is Emily Gellis, a social media influencer with +160k followers who one day decides that she has had enough of the F-Factor, its owner and the dangerous eating habits that it promotes. Emily decides to make this her personal crusade and do something about it using her status:

“When Emily Gellis hears rumors of people suffering horrible side effects from a trendy diet she springs into action. Armed with over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, Emily launches a social media crusade to expose F-Factor and its founder, Tanya Zuckerbrot. It’s the start of a feud that will attract trolls, lawyers, and, eventually, national media all because of fiber.” (Source here).

I had never heard of the F-Factor or any of the influencers mentioned in this story so I am really enjoying listening to the story unfold. There are three episodes available so far, the perfect amount to binge and be all caught up before episode four drops!

3. Réunion: Shark Attacks In Paradise - Hosted By Dan Duane - HyperObject Industries & Little Everywhere.

A total change of scene for this next podcast - we are off to the French island of Réunion. Réunion: Shark Attacks In Paradise as the name suggests, is a podcast all about brutal shark attacks off the island of Réunion; “… the deadliest string of shark attacks the world has ever seen” and the different responses to these attacks i.e. “save the people, kill the sharks” v’s “save the sharks, its their natural habitat”.

“In 2011, sharks in Réunion, a beautiful island, way out in the Indian Ocean started biting people way more than ever before and with lunatic violence. The epidemic forced local surfers, politicians, and business owners into a proxy war with ocean lovers and conservationists worldwide, where long simmering tensions boiled over.” (Source here).

This excellent podcast takes us back to 2011 and to the people (mainly local surfers and body boarders) who witnessed these shark attacks, those who knew the victims and some who even assisted in the rescue attempts. There are six episodes available now.

4. Ghost Church By Jamie Loftus - iHeartPodcasts & Cool Zone Media.

I stumbled upon this podcast and when I read the description I was not sure if this podcast was for me but I have to say I am really enjoying it. In Ghost Church host and comedian Jamie Loftus (who is great and soooo funny by the way) takes us along on her exploration of and journey into American spiritualism:

“Jamie Loftus investigates and interrogates American spiritualism, a century-old tradition of communing with the dead that takes place in camps full of mediums across the country. Who is drawn to these camps, how did the religion come together, and why are the tarot card readers and the seance-havers fighting?” (Source here).

Jamie’s willingness to put herself out there has to be noted, she would try anything! Her constant internal conversations and observations that she readily shares are really entertaining and at times hilarious, as are her descriptions of the people she meets and her surrounding environment.

There are nine episodes available - a great one to binge!

5. Even the Rich: Will Smith: Fresh Prince to Fallen King - Hosted By Brooke Siffrinn & Aricia Skidmore-Williams for Wondery.

I have featured some previous seasons of Even the Rich and this latest season (season 30) is not to be missed! This season the focus is on actor Will Smith and the now infamous incident whereby Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face on live television at the 94th Academy Awards on the 27th of March 2022. I love the hosts of this podcast and can’t wait to hear their take on this drama!

“Will Smith is everyone’s guy. He went from multi-platinum rapper, to primetime sweetheart, to one of the world’s most bankable movie stars. And all while being a husband and father. Will’s reputation as a charming, easy going guy has shaped his whole career. Until now. In this four part series, we’ll tell you how his drive to succeed at all costs, ultimately led to his undoing, and how he paid the price for allowing his need for control to guide his actions.” (Source here).

Episode one was released on Tuesday and new episodes are released weekly.

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