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As there are now quite a few Podcast articles on the blog, I decided to make a quick easy list page for when you are short on time and looking for a new Podcast! For more information on any of the Podcasts listed here you can visit the original blog post where the Podcast was featured by clicking on the name of the Podcast where I have attached the relevant link! The order here is purely based on the date the Podcast was first featured on the blog, starting at the oldest (No.1) and working up my latest finds (currently up to No.80)!

1. The Teacher’s Pet - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

2. West Cork Podcast - By Sam Bungley & Jennifer Ford.

3. Dr. Death - By Laura Beil for Wondery.

4. Dirty John - By Christopher Goffard for Wondery.

5. Unfiltered with James O’Brien.

6. An Irishman Abroad - By Jarlath Regan.

7. No Filter - By Mia Freedman for Mamamia.


9. A Glass With… - By Olly Smith (Presenter) and Richard Hemming (Producer).

10. Is it just me…? - By Jo Elvin & James Williams (Presenters).

11. Who the Hell is Hamish? - By Greg Bearup (Presenter) for The Australian.

12. Over My Dead Body - By Matthew Shaer (Presenter) for Wondery.

13. The Lady Vanishes - By Alison Sandy, Bryan Seymour & Sally Eeles - for 7 News.

14. Culpable - By Tenderfoot TV, Black Mountain Media & Cadence 13.

15. Man in the Window: The Golden State Killer - By Paige St. John - for Wondery & the L.A. Times.

16. Confronting O.J Simpson with Kim Goldman.

17. Maddie - By 9Podcasts.

18. To Live and Die in L.A. - By Neil Strauss - for Tenderfoot TV.

19. The Thing About Pam - By Keith Morrison for Dateline NBC.

20. Bad Batch - By Laura Beil for Wondery.

21. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein - By Lindsay Graham for Wondery.

22. Dateline - By NBC.

23. Patient Zero: Lyme Disease - By Taylor Quimby for New Hampshire Public Radio (NPR).

24. The Laughs Of Your Life with Doireann Garrihy.

25. Chasing Cosby - Reported & Hosted By Nicki Weisensee Egan for the L.A Times.

26. Monster: DC Sniper - Presented By Tony Harris for iHeartRadio & Tenderfoot TV.

27. A Perfect Storm: The True Story of The Chamberlains - By Seven West Media.

28. Fake Heiress - Presented By Vicky Baker & Chloe Moss for BBC Radio 4.

29. Blood Ties - By Wondery.

30. In the Dark - Season 2 - By Madeleine Baran for APM.

31. StoryCast - What Happened to Annie? - Narrated By Rona Dougall & Produced by Robert Mulhern for Sky News.

32. The Dating Game Killer - By Tracy Pattin for Wondery.

33. Dying for Sex - By Nikki Boyer for Wondery.

34. This City with Clara Amfo.

35. The Wall - By Stephanie O’Quigley.

36. Table Manners with Jessie Ware.

37. No Finish Line with John O’Regan Sponsored By Great Outdoors.

38. The Brian Keane Podcast/BFK Podcast.

39. Billy Yang Podcast.

40. The Morning Shakeout with Mario Fraioli Presented By New Balance.

41. The TrainRight Podcast with Adam Pulford & Hillary Allen for CTS.

42. The Dig Deep Podcast - Hosted By Hugo Mendez for CHASKIS.

43. The Well with Dylan Bowman.

44. The Lighthouse: Searching for Théo Hayez - Presented By David Murray for The Australian.

45. Problem Child - An Australian True Crime Podcast.

46. Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder Exposed - Produced By Deeivya Meir & Peter Jukes.

47. Nowhere Child - By Caroline Overington for The Australian.

48. Lost In Larrimah - By Kylie Stevenson & Caroline Graham for The Australian.

49. Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo - By Connie Walker for CBC News.

50. The Missing Cryptoqueen - By Jamie Bartlett for the BBC.

51. The Shrink Next Door - Hosted By Joe Nocera for Wondery & Bloomberg.

52. American Jihadi - By Christof Putzel for Endeavor Content.

53. Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia - Hosted By Rasha Pecoraro & Yvette Gentile - C13Originals Studio.

54. Dessert Island Discs with Lauren Laverne for BBC Radio 4.

55. Forgotten: The Women of Juárez - Hosted By Oz Woloshyn & Mónica Ortiz Uribe for iHeartRadio.

56. Full Disclosure with James O’Brien for LBC.

57. Immaculate Deception - Reported & Hosted By Jenny Kleenman - A ‘Somethin’ else’ Production.

58. It was Simple: The Betty Broderick Murders - Written & Presented By Pat Morrison for the L.A. Times.

59. Motive for Murder - Hosted By Josh Mankiewicz for Dateline NBC.

60. Son of a Hitman - Produced & Hosted By Jason Cavanagh in association with High Five Content & Spotify Studios.

61. The Orange Tree - The Drag Audio Production House - Hosted By Haley Butler & Tinu Thomas.

62. The Night Driver - By Hedley Thomas for The Australian.

63. Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment - Hosted By Matt Stroud for Wondery.

64. Relative Unknown - C13Originals Studio - Hosted By Jackee Taylor.

65. Billionaire Boys Club - Hosted By Tracy Pattin & Timothy Olyphant for Wondery.

66. California City: The Dark Side of The American Dream - Hosted By Emily Guerin for LAist Studios.

67. American Sky Jacker - The Final Flight of Martin McNally - Hosted By Danny Wicentowski for Imperative Entertainment & Pegalo Pictures.

68. Murder in Hollywoodland: Who killed William Desmond Taylor? - Hosted By Tracey Pattin & James Remar for Wondery.

69. Hope in Darkness: The Josh Holt Story - Hosted By Becky Bruce & Josh Holt - KSL Podcasts & Wondery.

70. Deep Cover: The Drug Wars - Pushkin Industries - Hosted By Jake Halpern.

71. Verified: Dust Up - Hosted By Natasha Del Toro for Witness Docs from Stitcher.

72. Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen - From Campside Media.

73. Unfinished: Short Creek - Hosted By Ash Sanders & Sarah Ventre - From Witness Docs & Critical Frequency.

74. Dr. Death Season 2 - Hosted By Laura Beil for Wondery.

75. The Nurse - From Pendulum.

76. All American: Tiger Woods - By Jordan Bell & Albert Chen for Stitcher.

77. Paper Ghosts - By M. William Phelps for iHeartRadio.

78. Brainwashed - Hosted By Michelle Shephard for CBC Podcasts.

79. Even the Rich: #FreeBritney - Hosted By Aricia Skidmore-Williams & Brooke Siffrinn for Wondery.

80. American Scandal: Three Mile Island - Hosted By Lindsay Graham for Wondery.

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